Komodo Antara

Komodo’s Antara Heralding a New Era of Building Blockchain Solutions 

Komodo is the leading blockchain leveraging the hashing power of the bitcoin network to make a secure, scalable and interoperable blockchain ecosystem. It offers the tools to create customizable independent blockchains.  Created in 2014, Komodo is one of the first projects that started to extend and enhance qualities of underlying fledgling blockchain technology. Projects can build their own blockchain ecosystem through Komodo’s scalable infrastructure. Unlike any other in the space,

Centralization Killer

ARRRtomic | Cross-chain Atomic Swaps Explained

Atomic swaps are trustless swaps because traders do not have to trust one another which was groundbreaking. Now Komodo has presented the idea of cross-chain atomic swaps on a new DEX called ARRRtomic


Poker on the Blockchain

NutellaLicka | Chips The Serverless Decentralized Betting Platform

  Chips | A Komodo Technology   CHIPS is a trust-less, peer-to-peer, secure, on-chain poker


Cryptocurrencu Investment Advice - CCMedia

Cryptocurrency Investment Lollie Scramble Gamble

Over the last few years, blockchain has undoubtedly made massive improvements in technology application. Many of these blockchain ideas have first manifested themselves in the form of whitepapers, which outline the overarching principles of a specific new technology. Some tend to go into excruciating detail, while others are broad overviews.



MaidSafe reveals How Internet is More Dangerous Than we may Think

The MaidSafe organization has proposed a revolutionary new type of internet, which is simplistic in its design, as it intends to “abstract away” the technical details of data management. According to MaidSafe, virtually all industries and individuals would benefit from this new internet. For instance, developers would not need to


Privacy Coins

Privacy Coins. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Tech?

Let’s discuss the urgent need for personal financial privacy and explore Privacy Coins, the front runners in the field of cryptocurrency. Multinational Crackdown In the past months, China has instituted a “social credit” system that judge citizen’s daily activities, resulting in a score that grants tiered access to daily needs