Privacy Coins

Privacy Coins. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Tech?

Let’s discuss the urgent need for personal financial privacy and explore Privacy Coins, the front runners in the field of cryptocurrency. Multinational Crackdown In the past months, China has instituted a “social credit” system that judge citizen’s daily activities, resulting in a score that grants tiered access to daily needs such as permission to purchase train or plane tickets. Over



Bluetooth Tracking with Mytracknet is a Device we all need

Over time, we lose hold of one item or the other. Sometimes it is a phone, at other times it could be a car key or even a wallet. Losing an item becomes more painful when it takes a whole lot of time to locate the item or when we’re completely unable to find them.



Bulwark | Hidden Gem ?

Zen Cash

Horizen | Cash Of Fury

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