InfiniGold Launches the Perth Mint Gold Token

Leading precious metals digitisation company, InfiniGold has today announced the launch of the Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT), a digital token backed 1:1 by GoldPass certificates issued by The Perth Mint, the world’s largest refiner of newly mined gold which is guaranteed by the highly rated sovereign entity, the Government of Western Australia.   PMGT is digitised gold that allows users to conveniently acquire and have entitlement over government guaranteed physical gold stored at The Perth

Blakemore Fallon

Law Firm Blakemore Fallon Adds Former Atrium Head of Fintech Ross Barbash

Jennifer Testa from Wachsman writes,  Blakemore Fallon, the



Fabien Dureuil | Dune.Network Interview

what is Dune all about in a Nutshell? Tell us about you and your team



Why Most Educated People Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Misir Mahmudov, a widely-followed and respected bitcoin (BTC) analyst, has argued that “most educated people fail to appreciate bitcoin because they only specialize in one field.” In order to truly understand how bitcoin works, Mahmudov, a financial economics student at Columbia University, recommends having some grasp of basic computer science



Shardus: A Technology for Creating Scalable, Secure Decentralized Applications (dApps)

The team behind the Shardus project is building the foundation for creating globally accessible decentralized applications (dApps). Existing blockchain-based platforms are plagued by scalability issues and security vulnerabilities. Some crypto projects such as NEO and EOS have been criticized for being prone to centralization.   The developers of Shardus are



What Are Privacy Coins?

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies allow users to conduct financial transactions in a decentralized manner. Beginning with Bitcoin (BTC), the first peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency, there are now more than 2,000 digital assets that may be exchanged between two different parties – without requiring an intermediary to settle the transactions.  The blockchain, which is