A Cryptorush of Blockchain Pioneers, Settlers and Miners

It is interesting to note that the recent rise in interest with regards to digital currencies net gain comes on the back of typically turbulent financial markets.

It is well known that when you print more cash (fiat) money or digital (cryptocurrency) tokens, assets and currencies into existence, the value of it ultimately becomes worth-less.

The beauty of the underlying architecture of crypto is that it is set by protocol. It cannot be blackmailed, conned, have its feelings hurt, its family destroyed and it will never be centrally controlled save for the internet being shut down and the power going off.

It is reminiscent of olden times when colonization took place. Transports were built, farms raised and heavy work was required to build the infrastructure. To get to the sweetest pure natural resources, almost anything was fair game and usually by any means necessary. Deals were made by officials at the head of empires, states and kingdoms.

If we consider that this new territory is inhabited by a largely untechnical population, we should learn from the past and be responsible colonists. We would use the best of our talents to provide a safe and secure environment that provides for the wellbeing of its inhabitants. That should be the underlying mission statement for this new land grab in lieu of a truly compassionate governance system that has yet to be articulated

Using outdated models, forced upon the landscape by the whips and shills of a cannibalistic system in decline is certainly not recommended. In fact, the old system has very little leverage whatsoever in this new frontier but for the power that we choose to give to it. The audacity to think that it should by some sovereign right have the power to control, oversee or even govern such green pastures, betrays the bully tactics it has relied upon for centuries, that  have neither waned nor softened. To paraphrase Maslow … when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

We must be careful with our words, but at the same time we must fight for what belongs to us, the people. This tree was not planted in the Masters garden. The fruit from this tree belongs to those who no longer wish to reside in a toxic wasteland that has been artificially manipulated creating extreme class discrepancies

What we have here is not able to be contained within out-dated governance and regulatory models. At the same time, you can stick a flag somewhere and call it ‘discovered’ but that does not give you the right to own the organic nature of its resident resource, neither should one ruling authority be allowed to tax it as a right. In this particular analogy, that would include services such as value transfer.

We are accustomed to look for ways to ‘play it smart’ in the old system by means of keeping ourselves ‘off the grid’ and ‘staying under the radar’. By using this same old tactic in a vastly superior system, we are not only doing ourselves an injustice by trying to maintain some sense of anonymity through encryption, but ultimately robbing ourselves of the very best that this technology has to offer … that of a robust, completely autonomous, decentralized value exchange system, where your worth cannot be switched off, confiscated or taxed by some ancient institution claiming some abstract higher moral capacity.

The real magic in my opinion is the fact that there is an ability to remain totally secure in the open. The fact that there is no centralized control for value transfer in a vast majority of digital currencies (not all) means we are free to trade internationally and locally, with zero threat of excommunication or hindrance to perform a transaction. No resources of the old exchange system have been used and therefore compensation should not be required, neither should it be reported as it is already ledgered.

If Alice wishes to transfer the value of a goat to Bob in return for 3 chickens, nobody else should be a party to the exchange except perhaps an infallible trustee. The state is not party to the transaction and deserves no compensation for such an exchange. If however Alice requires cash (fiat) money in order to buy other services then of course it is subject to the laws that govern the providers of such value tokens and a tax would be required to engage in commerce.

If I regard saltwater as a means of value and someone is willing to accept it as value, there are no other mechanics required to complete the exchange and nothing should be owed to any third party

When playing in antigravity you don’t need a floatation device.

So let’s get out of our own way and think of innovative solutions that bypass old methodologies and claim this new frontier, not subject to the Master Overseer, as our own.

Legend has it that the ARK safely transported the seeds of change from end of one civilization to the beginning of the next. The current legacy system is a financial house of cards that represents the waters of change that will be released as a flood. Blockchain Technology represents the ARK of transportation and the bringer of seeds for change.

ARKd – Is a CORE Group project