Our Parent Company ‘Crypto Core Pty Ltd’ is a multi-media marketing business specializing in the delivery of tangible solutions for the rapidly growing cryptocurrency ecosystem as well as other non-related industries. We are partnered with some of the largest news media networks in the world, allowing for cross-border information distribution in any language within a day’s notice.

Crypto Core Pty Ltd
Crypto Core Pty Ltd

We have been involved in the blockchain space since 2013, writing articles, press releases, researching and consistently scanning the ecosystem for innovative young entrepreneurs with outstanding ideas and energy.

Our founder (@house) was a pioneer in the earliest implementations of cryptocurrency assets utilizing new monetary systems while working alongside masters of the early blockchain. Our team formed and was able to drive forward a marketing initiative that put Platforms among the largest ICO funding recipients of the times from 2016 to 2018

Our members possess skill sets that allow us to cater to our clients through a wide range of promotional mediums, some of which include merchandising, event planning, article creation, idea building, team management, community engagement, KPI and OKR compilation and much more.

Our content delivery mechanism is second to none, our knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is cutting edge and our reach into the crypto arena is unrivaled. Together, we form a model system that our competitors try to emulate.

From team management to community mobilization, we pride ourselves on our organization skills. This enables you, the client, to focus on your priorities while we do our best work for you; removing the worries and complexities of multi-media marketing and promotions from your team’s agenda.