Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley – Mixing Dating and the Blockchain

Adryenn Ashley – How the Blockchain can Disrupt Online Dating

Adryenn Ashley is an award-winning Film/TV producer, social influencer, blockchain entrepreneur and innovator who has greatly contributed to the popularity of this new technology.

Ashley is ranked as one of the first 100 most influential Fintech people in the world. In fact, she is currently ranked at #14 by the Rise.Global website. Ashley goes around the world giving speeches on what are the best entrepreneurial practices to help newcomers start successful businesses. She is also the creator and founder of the blockchain-based dating app,

Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley has built her empire working hard. She worked with many different companies and hopped around a few industries. She is a filmmaker, actress, author, business consultant as well as TV host who was born on October 10, 1968.

Ashley completed a BA in Psychology at the Dominican University and an MA in Film Production and Finance at the Sonoma State University. She also earned a PhD in Jurisprudence. She has engulfed a lot of professions as she is also an Asset protection specialist, a certified divorce financial analyst and Forensic accountant.

Ashley is best known for taking part in movies such as True Love (1997), Metal (1999) which was an award-winning work at the Mill Valley Film Festival and Making Metamorphosis (2001), Fly on the Wall and the 2005 documentary called Anarchy Ahead: The Harvesting of American Families. In 2013, Ashley took part as a Host in a late-night show called The f-word.

Ashley also wrote a few books, and in 2008, she published Every Single Girl’s Guide to Her Future Husband’s Last Divorce. In 2009, she published Law of Business Attraction, and Law of Business Attraction and Spotting The Kook. In 2012, she worked along with Anjanette Harper and co-authored the book Spotting The Kooks. Ashley is already writing her new book which is almost ready. In this book, Minting the Future, she focuses on the shift from VC funding to crowdfunding and in the use of the blockchain in several spheres. Around 2015, Ashley hopped into blockchain technology and begun developing, a blockchain-based dating app.

Ventures and personal projects

In 1995, she launched Production Company 21st Century Pictures Group that helps filmmakers by providing talent pool. Later in 2006, she began business consultancy company Wow! – a company that helps entrepreneurs get the most media exposure. In 2011, she launched a company that provides business training around several segments and helps overcome competitors called Red Carpet Results.  She is a board of director SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation and joined the advisory board of social messaging company Kamere in 2013.  Apart from that, she is also a blockchain consultant and currently advises about a dozen blockchain companies as well as organises ICO programs. is a blockchain-based dating app which focuses on consent and privacy along with the meaning of taking responsibility for your actions. It is a revolutionary AI driven dating platform that uses blockchain technology and aims to disrupt the online dating industry.

With this dating app, Adryenn Ashley is trying to create a way of making sexual encounters safer, while using a matching algorithm which measures sexual appetites to match profiles, thus making it more enjoyable.

The platform runs an extensive matching algorithm to match users with a sexually compatible partner. After that, the users matched are connected via Instant Video Chat. This way, users can talk to one another before advancing to a meeting in person. Users also have the option to run a background check on their matches. Once the pair agrees to meet and connect sexually, the platform presents them with a consent agreement to which two parties will need to acknowledge and that will be enforced by the blockchain. This will be done by a Smart Contract which will also allow a stance where the users can call off the agreement in case they so desire.

The platform is set to be launched for iOS and Android applications with augmented reality capabilities. It will also be delivered in a desktop version which allows enhanced profile matching capabilities.

By using the blockchain and her background in Sexual Education and counselling, Ashley hopes she will deliver the first blockchain consent platform poised to make dating better.