Aelf is Here To Solve Your Blockchain Problems

Aelf aims to offer “Resource Segregation”

The Aelf platform aims to offer a decentralized cloud computing system built using blockchain technology. High network performance is achieved on Aelf by operating full nodes through cloud based servers. Moreover, the platform offers what its developers call “resource segregration”, which according them is the ability to execute smart contracts on their own blockchains. As is typical for a number of blockchain-powered platforms, network governance and maintenance, in addition to ongoing development is managed by token holders of the platform. 

The whitepaper of this projects starts by highlighting the current problems that blockchains of today face. Those being, according to the Aelf team, that today’s blockchains are not scalable because they say that their performance is dependent on the mining capabilities of only one node. Also, according to the platform’s team, there’s “interference between smart contract executions” because resources are not “segregated” for each smart contract. Moreover, they claim that the blockchains we see today do not come with an established consensus mechanism that’s able to handle updates to its network and incorporate additional functionality.

Linux Type Blockchain 

Whether these claims regarding the current state of blockchains are valid or not, what we can say is that the immutable, distributed ledger is still in its rather primitive stages of development, as many experts in the crypto space would confirm. Now, what the Aelf team proposes is the creation of a Linux type network and supporting tools/features. And you guessed it…all on a Blockchain.

Moreover, the developers of this platform aim to do what has already been done quite a few times by platforms such as Ardor. This being that they plan to 

“focus on defining and providing the most basic, essential and time-consuming to develop components of the system and on making significant improvements for existing Chains in the market. The system allows developers to customize Chains to meet their own needs, particularly commercial requirements for various industries.” 

Is This Truly a Unique Solution?

Alright, so this still does not seem something out of the ordinary as platforms like Komodo provide much of the same types of added functionality. However, the team notes some important features: separate chains for every use case, messaging between other blockchains such as that of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and “parallel processing for non-competing transactions and cloud based service.”

Additionally, the Aelf creators aim to minimize “data complexity” as well as provide a way to customize blockchains through the creation of application-specific smart contracts. Stakeholders of the platform will also, according to the project’s whitepaper, be able to recommend modifications to Aelf’s protocol, which may include suggesting ways to change or alter the way consensus is reached on the platform. 

This article serves as only a snapshot of what the Aelf platform promises to offer. The interested reader should refer to the in-depth and highly technical whitepaper published by this project’s development team:

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DISCLAIMER: This article is not meant to influence any investment related decision. It’s purely meant for informational purposes and to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.