Akin Fernandez, CEO of Azteco | “There is no such thing as Bitcoin Maximalism”

Akin Fernandez, CEO of Azteco has stated that there is absolutely nothing like Bitcoin Maximalism. Responding to a question Core Media asked him on Friday whether he is a Bitcoin Maximalist, he trivialized the term and those who think there is something like that.

Bitcoin maximalism is the idea that altcoins are undesirable. Its proponents are of the opinion that all the features in cryptocurrency should be coded atop the Bitcoin protocol. The opponents of this idea see it as a monetary monopoly and deleterious for the Cryptosphere. Akin believes, however, that Bitcoin Maximalism is simply an expression used to attack those who discredit altcoins and that there is actually no meaning behind it. He explains:

“There is no such thing as ‘Bitcoin Maximalism’. It’s like claiming that there are ‘Arithmetic Maximalists’ or ‘TCP/IP Maximalists’. There is only one system of math, and one set of fundamental Internet protocols. The internet works because there is one standard language for all network devices; that is enough to build everything we use and take for granted today.”

He maintained that the system of math we all use globally is one standard everyone adheres to (in terms of symbols and methods) and it is sufficient to reveal everything about the universe from the smallest to the largest scales.

Two systems Incompatible? 

“When you try and run two different standards, not only there are consequences for two incompatible systems (GSM/CDMA) but mixing them can cause problems,” Akin strongly asserted. He furthermore pointed out how the Beagle Mars Lander crashed because the US and UK development teams were using Imperial and Metric systems without telling each other.

When asked if Bitcoin and altcoins are different in that context, he replied:

“Then you have the intellectual deficit in alt-coins; all the greatest minds (and the most ethical men) are working on Bitcoin. Some of them have been working on this problem for decades, and are intimately familiar with it on every level, including the important economic parts that others gloss over.”

Per his view, “Bitcoin Maximalist” is an attack phrase created by people who don’t like the fact that a group of hardened men who literally know everything about Bitcoin are not willing to entertain anti-Bitcoin proposals. “They take rejection of manifestly bad ideas as a personal slight, rather than a “teachable moment,” Akin said.

For him, no one who is rational thinks that Bitcoin is in the hands of anyone other than the best developers for the job. However, anyone is free to contribute to Bitcoin at any time and all you have to do is write software, and submit it.

Big Blockers Unwelcome 

Yet, If your “software” changes are to increase the block size parameter, Akin will reject your proposal. For him, you have to actually work with the system as a whole and add to it, not adjust its parameters.

The man who is also known as BeautyOn and an ardent opponent of Bitcoin hard fork and Bitcoin Cash stressed there is unlimited space to build on top of Bitcoin and that is where the innovation will happen for the vast majority of businesses.

In conclusion, his emphasis was Bitcoin needs to be a stable, reliable and unchanging layer, like TCP/IP, so that whatever you build, it works flawlessly.