Allan – Managing Director at Earth Token discusses Environmental Sustainability

Earth Token Managing Director Allan has been involved in the IT industry since 1999. Primarily, Allan says he’s been working in the area of product marketing and has spent a lot of time working with Oracle; 10 years in fact. In addition, he’s worked with Microsoft for 5 years in the product planning department. As a planner for Microsoft, he helped guide some of their investment related decisions. 

As Allan explains, his areas of expertise include marketing, business strategy, and product management. Currently, Allan is working for Impact Choice, focusing or product marketing. Impact Choice is the holding company that has given birth to Earth Token and a Natural Asset Exchange. Interestingly, Impact Choice has been in the crypto game since 2009, and company members have realized that if you are really going to make an impact on the environment with initiatives such as environmental sustainability, then you will need to address a lot more than just climate change and carbon mitigation.   

To really make positive contributions toward the environment, you have to take into consideration the entire ecosystem, Allan explains. Plus, there’s also a social aspect to all of it. Therefore, to make the most effective contributions, the whole process should be democratized, according to the experience marketing executive. And, this can be done by involving people at the grassroots level. This can be done in a relatively easy way by getting more companies involved.

Allan – Managing Director at Earth Token – Says Blockchain can Bring Transparency

Due to regulatory compliance issues, the idea of implementing a blockchain-based natural asset exchange, as Earth token IT Director Wesley Carlson would agree, seemed ideal. That’s because it gets rid of a lot of the middleman operating in the process. This also provided them a way to engage the broader populace. With blockchain technology, there’s more transparency and accountability. 

So, as far as implementation goes, Earth Token has been putting in a serious effort integrating blockchain into some of their business processes. Notably, 17th November 2017 saw the launch of the Earth token, with a well-received crowdsale. Simply put, Earth token is a cryptocurrency focused on environmental sustainability, and as a universal medium of exchange can be used by literally anyone to support just about any environment-related project they like. 

The idea is to use the Earth tokens to transact over the Natural Asset Exchange. Presently, the Ethereum blockchain is being used to circulate ERC-20 based Earth tokens, but the long-term goal is to really prioritize what the company is doing, Allan notes. This could possibly lead to Earth token using its own blockchain or using a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, in order to avoid the excessive traffic on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Additionally, Allan notes that in order to really provide value to a crypto token, the right approach is to develop real-world use cases for it. That will not only help the usage and market cap of your tokens grow in the long-term but will also attract the more informed investors, per the marketing manager. 

Currently, users can access Impact Choice’s Natural Asset Exchange on No natural assets like oil and coal are actually traded on this exchange, Allan explains. Only projects that have a “measurable positive impact” on our environment and on Earth, such as Carbon avoidance projects, will be traded on the Natural Asset Exchange.  

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