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Amber Baldet | Leading Blockchain Ventures to Success

It Takes a Baldet and a Blockchain to Have Quorum

Amber Baldet is a name that is often present in a sentence featuring JP Morgan Chase and blockchain. That’s because the very talented young lady, who appeared on Fortune’s 2017 “40 Under 40” list, was at the helm of JPMorgan Chase’s Blockchain Center of Excellence (BCoE), responsible for the creation of Quorum.

Like every other business seeking ways to remain relevant while also exploiting the myriad potentials of the new technology, blockchain, JPMorgan created Quorum. Baldet was responsible for putting together a formidable team that created a product which recorded huge success.

Quorum, a fork of the Ethereum blockchain, is a private, “permissionless” blockchain that offers financial and investment solutions. Unlike public blockchains, only nodes/computers which have been given permission are allowed to join the network. Although a private blockchain, Quorum’s code is open source. It is said to be an improvement on Ethereum, in order to adequately cater for scaling, privacy and performance issues that arise from big businesses adopting blockchain.

Baldet Before Blockchain

Amber Baldet had a life before blockchain and JPMorgan, where she worked in companies like Capco, Avalon Research and Citigroup Alternative Investments / Old Lane LLP. Her roles in these former companies included strategy design, product and application development.

Although she joined JPMorgan in 2010, it wasn’t until five years later before she was asked to head the BCoE team. Her duties among others included: designing a comprehensive blockchain strategy for JPMorgan, a Corporate and Investment Bank; developing innovative technology solutions; facilitating strategic investments; and of course, managing client happiness.

Accolades for Baldet in Blockchain

Flowing from her role in executing a successful blockchain product for JPMorgan, Baldet became recognized worldwide as an authority figure on blockchain and crypto. This has earned her numerous awards and accolades, some of which are mentioned below.

In Fortune’s 2017 “40 under 40” list, Amber Baldet made number 31 on the list alongside notable Ethereum co-founder and writer Vitalik Buterin. Both were the only blockchain and crypto personalities featured on the list.

CoinDesk also featured Baldet in their list of most influential people in blockchain in 2017. Notably, Baldet also plays a prominent role in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance where she chairs the Financial Industry Working Group.

Blockchain and Baldet, a Force to Reckon With

Since 2015, when Baldet started leading JPMorgan’s BCoE, she has become a regular face at blockchain and hacking events.

She has been likened to Daenerys of Game of Thrones by Leigh Cuen of IBTimes, because of her long list of titles and impressive achievements. Baldet broke the norm that traditional institutions like banks were unlikely to innovate. She then became the face of an innovative bridge and seamless intersection of blockchain and the banking industry. The result is an exciting corporate blockchain project that has gained momentum and acceptance around the world.

Baldet Set to Begin a New Adventure

After an exciting time building a world class blockchain product for a world class bank, Amber Baldet is leaving to launch her own startup. Amber would be replaced at her role by Christine Moy, who happens to be Amber’s first hire at the inception of JPMorgan’s BCoE.

While there are no details yet about the nature of the new startup, it is safe to assume that it would be a business involving blockchain. Like everyone else, her former bosses and colleagues also wish her success in her entrepreneurial adventures.

At Crypto Core Media, we wish Amber Baldet and other hardworking professional in the cryptosphere all the success with their innovative endeavors. 

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