Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos Uses Not the “Choicest” of Words for Blockchain

Andreas Antonopoulos Says Blockchain is Bullshit

Prior to the Consensus 2018 event, Andreas Antonopoulos stated:

“Bitcoin is the future and Blockchain is bullshit.”

The Bitcoin evangelist has also previously said that the flagship cryptocurrency has a type of “weirdness” to it. This “weirdness” along with Bitcoin’s decentralized nature is what can “offend” and has probably offended people, according to Andreas. It’s now been 5 years since he has been spending the majority of his time educating people about Bitcoin. He has repeatedly stated that Bitcoin is revolutionary because it is not controlled by a central authority. 

Emphasizing the “Open” Nature of Bitcoin

Andreas also points to the fact that Bitcoin cannot be censored and that it is “open”. By “open” he’s referring to a number of things. First, the Bitcoin protocol and its source code is open-source, which means that anyone can view its codebase, find out how it works, and even contribute to its further development and improvement. Second, Bitcoin is “open” because all BTC transactions can be viewed by anyone on its publicly shared distributed ledger.

So, why is blockchain “bullshit”? Well, according to Andreas Antonopoulos, if you remove the “weirdness” and the “offend” part, meaning you pretty much remove Bitcoin’s decentralized exchange of value from the equation, then

“what you’re left with – this Blockchain – is a sterile, unexpressive (sic), uninvented environment; a corporate plaything that has been sanitized of every interesting and left as an empty shell.” 

Andreas made these comments during the Polish Bitcoin Congress held in Warsaw on May 12th. It is worth noting that these recent statements from the Bitcoin educator should not come as a surprise, because he has previously said similar things during his numerous public speeches. 

Highly skilled Bitcoin developers Jimmy Song and Johnathan Corgan have expressed similar viewpoints, particularly in reference to the level of understanding Consensus 2018 conference members had when it comes to really knowing how crypto and blockchain related technologies work. Moreover, Jimmy and Johnathan felt that this year’s Consensus did not focus as much as it should have on Bitcoin. 

Jimmy Song, along with Andreas Antonopoulos, point out that Bitcoin is “the real innovation here.” Also, Jimmy says that this year’s Consensus was all about “buzzwords” and that what he said “verbalized what probably a large [number] of the people in the audience were thinking.” 

Meanwhile, Johnathan tweeted: 

Johnathan Corgan

Arguing his viewpoints further, Johnathan said that Bitcoin was the only legitimate use case for blockchain technology that has been developed to this date. He also noted that the distributed ledger was too costly to implement and was not much more than just a “slow database.” 

Commenting further on the importance of Bitcoin versus Blockchain, Johnathan said: 

“It [blockchain] is a necessary but *insufficient* ingredient, and not even the most important one, of a system (Bitcoin) designed to provide monetary sovereignty to its voluntary participants.”

These statements were to support his colleague Jimmy’s views about an obsession of “sprinkling Blockchain dust all over a problem and it will be OK.” They even compared the Consensus crowd to “cargo-cult engineering”, implying that they’re blindly building some type of system with all the latest buzzword technology in the desperate hope that they will make a lot of money.