Antshares: Digital Assets for Everyone

The Antshares ICO has ended and it has gathered a total of 6120.08 BTC, for which ~23% of the total supply of  Antshares (ANS) was distributed. Antshares has gained a lot of traction over time and has even partnered with Microsoft to build this platform through the creation of a blockchain consortium called The Legal Chain.

Antshares is a decentralized platform that allows users to issue, transfer and trade real-world assets that are generated by e-contracts. These e-contracts, not to be confused with smart contracts, can be used to record rights and assets like equities, creditor’s claims, and so on.

Previous platforms like Bitshares or NXT attempted to create a system in which assets were tokenized and could be freely transferred and traded as money, but assets often carry complicated rights and obligations and to be able to transfer and to trade them freely can be considered less than optimal. Since Antshares assets are issued through e-contracts, transfers will conform to the conditions previously stated in them, such as requiring both the sender and the receiver to agree to the transfer and in some cases, requiring the asset issuer himself to sign off on transactions. Since real-world information may be required to manage these assets, Antshares employs a blockchain-based digital certificate to perform user identity authentication, when required.

There are two built-in tokens within the Antshares system, Antshares (ANS) and Antcoins (ANC). There will be 100 million Antshares, which will be issued on the first block (genesis block) of the Antshares blockchain and bear voting and bookeeping functions. These tokens will also pay ANC dividends, which are generated from the fees spent within the Antshares Platform.

The fees generated in the Antshares Platform come from normal transactions paid by users, and from asset issuance and registration for Bookkeeper nominees, and are all paid in Antcoins (ANC) to Antshares (ANS) holders. 100 million ANC will be issued over the period of 22 years.

This is the second ICO created by Antshares, and approximately 23% of the ANS tokens are being exchanged during this second phase. During the first ICO, 17% of the total supply was exchanged for 2.1k Bitcoins during October, 2015 and 10% of the tokens were designated to Antshares early supporters. The remaining 50% of the Antshares tokens will be kept by the Antshares team to support the long-term operations of the Antshares.

The Antshares platform is expected to go live on the 4th quarter of 2016, in the meantime, you can learn more about Antshares by reading the whitepaper.