Apple makes Developers Happy by Revising Crypto App rules

If there is anything that Apple Inc. is known for globally, then, it’s their strict rules as regards any application that is included in their App store. Interestingly, crypto applications are not left out of this rules. Well, as a result of the hype surrounding cryptocurrency, it appears that Apple’s strict application rules will no longer apply to crypto applications. The reason for this is that a group that is known as The Developers Union has asked for new crypto App rules for crypto applications. Well, apparently, Apple has granted this request. This is so because Apple is revising all crypto App rules for crypto applications in its store and has recently taken steps to make developers happy.

What are the Reasons for the Changes in Crypto App Rules

In making the crypto App rules public, Apple emphasized that applications “change the world, enrich the lives of people and help developers to innovate like never before”. As a result of this, the App store has become an ecosystem for millions of developers and over a billion users. In a statement, Apple also said that

“whether you are a large team of experienced developers or a first time developer, we’re pleased that you are developing apps for the Apple App Store and want to assist in understanding our guidelines to make sure that your app is quickly reviewed”.

List of New Crypto App Rules and Guidelines

These new crypto App rules and guidelines address everything from ICOs to mining. For instance, for ICOs, Apple’s guidelines require applications facilitated from them to come from security firms, established banks, few commission merchants, and other authorized financial institutions .This policy is also applicable to future crypto transactions and other crypto securities. Apple stated specifically that, as far as mining is concerned, applications cannot mine for crypto, unless the processes are done off the device, for instance, cloud-based mining.

For other crypto App rules, Apple stated:

“Applications may facilitate transmission or transaction of cryptocurrency on an approved and authorized exchange, provided that they are offered by the exchange itself. Crypto applications may not provide currency to complete tasks like having other applications downloaded, making social media posts, encouraging other users to download them etc.”

Just as it is often said that “mining needs a lot of electricity”, Apple wants developers to develop their applications that are of good quality. It is stated that developers who perform mining activities must ensure that their applications do not:

– Quickly empty the batteries,

– create excessive heat or make undue pressure on the device’s resources.

– Include any third party Ads displayed within them.

The Developers Union

It is believed that the group called the Developers Union has proposed these new guidelines.

Here’s a sample of the letter sent to Apple:

  • We believe that people who develop great software should be able to earn a living while doing so. So we created The Developers Union to defend the sustainability of the App Store.
  • Today, we asked Apple to make a public commitment in the next anniversary of the App Store to provide for free trials for all applications in app stores. After that, we will begin to advocate for a more reasonable reduction of revenues and other developer-friendly and community-driven changes.

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