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Las Vegas (Crypto Press Release) – KAPU, The first  blockchain project to enter the science of archaeology, recently launched their TEC – which is their Token Exchange Campaign.  At the time of writing there has been $355,609.00 raised by the project.   Early supporters can participate until October 16 2017.  Participate using Bitcoin, Ethereum and a few select cryptocurrencies and keep track of track the funds being raised in real time by visiting The KAPU Token Exchange Site.  

The KAPU project, named after ancient Roman coins called Capua, has plans to create the first decentralized, unchangeable record of humanity’s heritage.

There are numerous problems with traditional heritage data storage, access and dissemination.  A major flaw in historical accounting is the potential for data to be lost, altered, or not being accessible – which would leave valuable historical and archaeological information completely out of our collective record of humanity. The Whitepaper describes this problem of imperfect records this way:

“Unfortunately, although well conserved, the preservation is constantly threatened by losses and alterations as well as by the time that implicate a progressive and inexorable decay of the find with inevitable loss of historical information.”

The proposed blockchain will use Delegates Proof Of Stake or DPoS to validate transactions, store data and to maintain a more reliable, uneditable historical account of archaeological findings.  DPoS has several benefits for its users such as less network Exchange downloads for the KAPU appointed delegates and more efficient use of energy when compared to the more resource gluttonous methods of transacting, like in Bitcoin’s proof of work.

KAPU is running its testnet already, and the mainnet will launch on October 21st.  The project creation is underway and the final launch is expected early next year.  The KAPU team is forecasting the integration of its blockchain into the workflow of practicing archaeologists and potential partner projects by 2019 according to The KAPU Whitepaper.

“The KAPU project aims to make immutable the human history through the creation of the first world archaeological blockchain of the modern era and also aims to enhance it thanks to today’s technology (multimedia, augmented reality, virtual reality).
Our history is today our greatest asset that future history can not afford to lose, so it’s important to preserve it for us and for our children, who are our future. This is our purpose.” As Seen In The KAPU Whitepaper

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Name: Martino Merola


Phone: 00393209623061

Address:Via Marconi 22 Santa Maria Capua Vetere – Caserta – 81055 Italy

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