Arianna Simpson

Arianna Simpson In Crypto

A True Expert

The bull market of 2017 got several people interested and involved with cryptocurrencies. One consequence of this is that we now have lots of self-styled experts. One way to figure out the real experts is to find out how long they have been around and how many bear markets they have survived. Arianna Simpson has been around since 2012. In this article, we will take a look at her involvement with cryptocurrencies.

Aside cryptocurrencies and investing in startups, Simpson loves to travel, ski, run and read. She also displays her personality type which is ENTJ on her twitter page. If we are to go by this, we can say she is a charismatic born leader.

At the Pennsylvania State University, Arianna Simpson studied political science and Spanish. During her time at the university, she co-founded and became Executive Director of the Penn State Journal of International Affairs.

Involvement With Crypto

As mentioned earlier, Simpson herself began investing in cryptocurrencies years ago. She then went a step further and founded Autonomous Partners in 2017. She doubles by also the managing director of the company. This fund specializes in investing in digital assets. As you might have heard countless times before, since the launch of the CME and CBOE bitcoin futures markets, mainstream funds are pouring into the cryptocurrency space. Companies like Autonomous Partners make this happen.

Arianna also happened to be one of Bitgo’s earliest staff. Bitgo is known for its pioneering work in creating multi-signature bitcoin wallets for institutions. Over there, Simpson played the role of accounts specialist and later PM lead.

Simpson frequently shares her thoughts on important cryptocurrency related issues. She writes and speaks at various events in the cryptocurrency space. Topics she has delved into include privacy, security and user friendliness of cryptocurrency apps. She has also argued strongly for the need for more women in the cryptocurrency space and making the space more welcoming for women than it is at the moment.

Outside The Crypto Space

Simpson’s impressive career goes beyond the cryptocurrency world.  She has been a venture partner at Crystal Towers Capital since 2015. She even spent a year working at Facebook’s global marketing solutions between 2013 and 2014. Before all this, she was head of boutique operations at This was a startup aimed at putting boutique shopping and all its accompanying operations online.

Clearly, Arianna Simpson has a lot of valuable experience working in different types of organizations. At Crypto Core Media, we strive to acknowledge and support hardworking professionals not only in the cryptosphere, but in general. Therefore, the purpose of this article and our other articles written on important personalities in the crypto space is to spread awareness about the positive contributions made by talented individuals to this evolving industry.