Aya Miyaguchi

Aya Miyaguchi | Ethereum Foundation Director

The Ethereum Foundation Has A New Director

Meet the Ethereum Foundation’s new director: Aya Miyaguchi. Aya took up this position in February 2018, but is no stranger to the cryptocurrency world. She has served in various capacities at the Kraken exchange since 2013, and has been actively involved with other blockchain projects.

Aya Miyaguchi has a Bachelor of Arts certificate in English and American Literature from Nanzan University.  She topped that up with an MBA in Marketing and Sustainable Business from San Francisco State University. She was also named on this list of five MBA holders making strides with cryptocurrency related businesses.

Aya Miyaguchi On Her Cryptocurrency Journey

As mentioned in the introduction, Aya started working for Kraken Exchange in Japan in 2013. She started in the position of Vice President of Operations in Japan. After a year, she moved up to take the position of managing director at the same exchange. In 2017, she shifted from day-to-day management to an advisory role at Kraken. Kraken is one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges and has operations in the United States, Canada, the EU, and Japan. Aya Miyaguchi was instrumental in the San Francisco based company’s Japan operations.

All of Aya Miyaguchi’s work in the digital asset space was not done at Kraken. She founded the Japan Blockchain Association in 2016 and served as its Global Affiliations and Partnerships Head. The association has recently moved to merge with the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association to form some sort of self-regulatory body for the cryptocurrency industry in the country.

Another thing Aya did while at Kraken was join the OmiseGO project as an advisor in 2015. The Ethereum based OmiseGo aims at using its decentralized network to achieve financial inclusion for all. The catchy catchphrase “unbank the banked” was coined by them.

Aya has been a part of the Ethereum Foundation since 2015. She contributed in various ways when Ming Chan was at the helm of affairs. She, for instance, helped make the organization more efficient in carrying out its mandate and was in charge of the smooth organization of Devcon events. Being the director of the Ethereum Foundation gives Aya Miyaguchi the opportunity to take the foundation to the next level.

Beyond Blockchain and Crypto

Aya’s work outside the crypto world includes co-founding Table For Two. This is a non-profit organization that exists to help solve the world’s hunger and undernutrition problem.

She was also a high school teacher at the Nagoya city Board of Education for 10 years. This was not just a job for her. With her hard work, her students’ college acceptance rate was the best the school had ever seen.

It is this kind of work ethic that has brought about the impact felt everywhere she has worked. It has also seen her rise to the top in the crypto world. Her story is great so far, but there is sure to be more from her in the space.