Back to Earth | An Immersive Reality Experience

Gaming and cryptocurrencies get along great. Not only does it bring the usual advantages in speed and transaction fees when purchasing games on in-game content (GameCredits), it also allows users to transfer in-game assets, like money and items, in and out of the games and to exchange them for real-life money (BitCrystals and RarePepe), creating value for the gamers who are rewarded for their in-game efforts. They are also great for incentivising competition between gamers in a fair and decentralized environment (FirstBlood and MobileGo)

Back to Earth is an alternative reality game or experience that is taking advantage of the attributes of blockchain technology to create an even more immerse alternate reality experience for gamers, providing content that will enrich the story line in multiple formats on multiple platforms, including film, mobile apps, social media, books, physical memorabilia, and more. This is known as “transmedia” storytelling in which players are submersed into the game’s storyline through various platforms. In a sense, Back to Earth is more like an interactive content experience than an actual game.

The whitepaper reads:

“Back to Earth will have the versatility to attract audiences on multiple platforms, with stories on each platform acting as both an experience for our audience and as an advertisement for our brand. Furthermore, by mixing blockchain technology with the immersive elements of an ARG, we will provide an experience that encourages participation and brings value to Back to Earth and to our audience.”

Back to Earth will use StarCredits (SRC), an Ethereum based token meant to enhance the storytelling experience and are used to interact with the story. The StarCredit token will allow players to vote on story outcomes, collect in-game content, unlock special features, puzzles, and more. The SRC tokens used to interact with the story line are destroyed, reducing the total SRC supply.

Although not much is known about the story, Back to Earth describes itself as “a science fiction experience that seeks to unveil some of our deepest fears about the progression of 21st century innovation.”

The way that Back to Earth will leverage the idea of transmedia storytelling will have players running around on treasure hunts through the online and offline world in order to unravel the game’s secrets and unlock rewards, making it a truly interactive experience.

Not only is transmedia a concept that can make the experience extremely immersive, it’s also a self-promoting strategy that gains visibility in various platforms.

Back to Earth will start off with a somewhat “mysterious” crowdfunding campaign which will set the mood of the game before it even starts. In order to participate in the crowdfund, investors need to have access to a referral link, which are given to “specific communities in the space” and early followers. Once someone invests in the ICO, they also receive their own referral link to post on social media or send to friends. Back to Earth hopes to raise a maximum of 750BTC in exchange for 4.5 million SRC out of the 20 million supply. The rest of the tokens will be locked in a smart contract that will have a predetermined release schedule and during a second crowdfunding campaign.

To learn more about Back to Earth, visit the official website.