announces negotiations with Inter-American Development Bank

If you’re Waves token holder and you use the Waves wallet, then you may have noticed a bunch of different assets on your portfolio section., a Waves blockchain-based project, has recently announced an ongoing negotiation with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the main source of multilateral financing in Latin America. The announcement was made through the official blog and it reads:

“ is more than thrilled about the possibility of creating and developing solutions that integrate blockchain technology to facilitate operations in their business network in order to help and boost development the Latin American Region.” is a blockchain platform with its own underlying cryptocurrency token, B@nkcoins (B@), built with the goal of creating a more efficient and secure way of exchanging products and services globally and through the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment system and blockchain technology as a backend system. provides a multitude of blockchain-based services, including the cryptocurrency exchange, international debit cards, ATMs, interconnectivity with other platforms, as well as an online product and services store.

Being a community-driven project, has long focused its efforts on acquiring partnerships in the academic and commercial sector, mainly in Spanish-speaking countries, to bring the benefits and tools provided by blockchain technology to academic communities, offering support for the development of new applications and specialized software.

The first in a series of promising deals that have been planned out by in 2017, the new negotiation with the IDB brings closer to its vision, establishing a larger presence in the South American region, an extremely important achievement for The announcement reads:

“The impact that this new relationship and negotiations will have for and cryptocurrencies in general is quite evident when we analyze the size of operation the IDB had in 2016.”

The blog post also announced the launch of’s debit cards along with a series of new deals with convenience stores and with private corporations, with more exciting news on the way. The announcement made via blog post reads:

“We will soon announce the launching of operations with a variety of other projects we are exited to carry out. These series of positive events also envolve our new exchange, B@EX, deals with higher education institutions and telecom companies.”

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