URGENT | Notification of Betrayal of Trust and Dismissal

Lori Brown
Lori Brown

It is with sincere regret that we are forced to announce that Lori Brown – aka Lorilikes, has been dismissed from duties and any/all connection with Core Group, Crypto Core Media and any/all departments or representations under Crypto Core Pty Ltd effective immediately.

Sustaining a loss in the tens of thousands of dollars from our company accounts by way of fraud, we would like to advise the Crypto Community at large to very careful in any dealings with this person.


None of our clients have been affected, our operations are strong and our capital remains in healthy order.

We are somewhat saddened by this unfortunate turn of events and wish to add that we have tried our very best to accommodate a plan to help the former staffer repay the debt. Unfortunately, this opportunity has been squandered and very little in the way of effort has been applied over the past 2 months to show diligence.

We have decided not to enforce legal action as this would shine yet another ‘bad light’ on the ecology.

In this, we are dedicated to improving the perception of crypto for the benefit of mainstream adoption and will continue to play a significant role, supplying news and information related to our industry.

Please remain vigilant at all times in our ‘wild wild west’ … money can do strange things to people.

Crypto Scammer

All the very best

– CEO | Core Group
– Director | Crypto Core Pty Ltd


  1. Deleting comments that tell the truth? ?? Come on man this is crypto. People are not as stupid and emotional as you. People see right through this kind of crap. Delete this one too.

  2. Nice try covering your own tracks bud. We know. This whole thing makes you look very bad and very weak. Using slander and only the parts of a story that serve your agenda…… Seems like you are in the wrong space my man. Way to sink yourself. Lol. Sure as you are creating your own truths, this comment will be deleted. Just like fake news would do.

    1. Author

      You are either delusional or just in a bit of a panic. Would you like me to post the entire conversation? You both should be ashamed of yourselves

      1. I wanna see!

      2. I have never had nor will I ever had dealings with you. Let me put it this way, this is the third correspondence I’ve effect had with you or your company. You mentioned my name, My business, my contacts in a Three month old scam accusation that was resolved internally in your “business” that has absolutely nothing to do with me. That is called slander and defamation of character and its illegal. I’m not petty, furthermore, I’m much to busy to sue you. But if you mention my name or tag any of my contacts with the intention of hurting the person you are mad at by going after their loved ones with no ground to stand on, I will handle this matter legally.
        Now, if you would like to talk to me like a man, I invite you to call me rather than this smear campaign you started. I’m embarrassed for you. 702-758-4209.

        1. Author

          Keep talking Chris … It was I who bailed out Lori when you ‘apparently’ physically abused her, stole all her money, rent and crypto. It was I who paid for her rent in arrears, groceries, new laptop and debts/ loans and something for her boy (total $15k) … and then you reemerge a few days later like nothing happened ? I want that money back punk ! And that is ONTOP of the money scammed from our clients ($36K)
          here’s a snippet of Lori’s conversation with me, I have it all saved. Let me know if you want to see more ->
          “I … haven’t. I want to make an excuse. The truth is I have a very large male who after 9 years has suddenly become vicious, and scary. He spent it. I didn’t even know he had my wallet backed up in his phone . I am sorry. I am going to hide now
          You don’t have to pay me, for anything for as long as it takes . I made him move out today.. I am sorry he blindsided me badly … He spent every dime every penny and he is the one who broke my laptop in the first place too … He actually Was scary. Wouldn’t let me leave n I was begging to Go outside he refused yanked me by my feet and DRAGGED ME back inside when I tried to run.”

          I also have screenshots of you guys text messages that Lori sent me… quite the elaborate hoax it would appear.

          So please … keep talking Chris … go ahead

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