Beyond the Void Releases Closed Video Beta

Beyond the Void is the first blockchain-based real time strategy game, also known as RTS. It was designed for competitive play between players and it features MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) elements. A video of the closed beta version of the game was just released and can be seen here. The closed beta is still being tested but looks highly functional. The final version is scheduled to be released in June of this year on a free-to-play model, like most other MOBAs. This contrasts with the traditional pay-to-play model, in which you have to buy the game or pay a subscription before you can play it.

The developers have integrated blockchain technology into the game by creating a token-based system called the Nexium (NXC). These tokens are issued on the Ethereum Blockchain and transferred through smart contracts. This will result in an economic system that allows players to buy, sell, trade or offer theirs in game items.

These items are assets on the Ethereum blockchain that do not reside exclusively on the game server. As such, they can be transferred, bought and sold outside of the game. This also adds a decentralized element to these items which continue to exist even if the game server is hacked or loses information.

Now let’s look at the gameplay! Beyond the void will be an easy to learn but hard to master the game. It’s meant for competitive play and if well made has the possibility of making a success in the esports scene. Akin to it’s long lost brothers, League of Legends and Starcraft, Beyond the Void will be a highly strategic game that will feature an Elo ranking system. The matches will be one-versus-one battles and, like all MOBAs, the game will be constantly evolving and always in need of balancing every time a new element, mothership or card, for example, is introduced into the game.

The game features a futuristic setting where you control a ship, called the Mothership, which basically will be your character or champion. The map contains 6 planets that you can conquer, working as turrets once conquered and asteroid fields where you can find Cubes, which will be the game`s farm or loot. The map is also customizable by players and very dynamic, meaning that everything is constantly changing position while orbiting the sun. You also have Event cards that help shape the scenario or gameplay to your advantage.

The small team behind the game is made up of four people, each one adding something different to the game. Maxence is the original developer who came up with the idea for the game. The fact is that both MOBA and esports are fast growing markets and projects like Beyond the Void are poised to bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into those spaces.

The system employed by Beyond the Void creates a new generation of gaming platforms where the players, and not the game developers, own the ecosystem and where in-game purchases are not restricted to the game itself. We may come to see collaborations of multiple projects of this kind, where a piece of armor, weapon, spaceship, playing card(whatever the game features) may be available for transfer between multiple games, thus creating a new age of compatibility in the gaming industry, a gamer’s paradise!