Bitcoiin, Controversial New Crypto, Being Promoted By Steven Seagal

Bitcoiin Crypto Chooses Steven Seagal As Ambassador

Steven Seagal, the world famous Hollywood actor and martial arts expert, is now promoting Bitcoiin, a controversial new cryptocurrency. In fact, he released a statement via Twitter that he was going to be the coin’s official new ambassador. The creators of the heavily criticized Bitcoiin digital currency claim that it will be much better than Bitcoin. They even refer to it as BitcoiinGen2 (B2G), a second-generation cryptocurrency.

According to Seagal, he decided to represent B2G because it happens to stand for the same philosophical and spiritual beliefs as he does. Moreover, the Bitcoiin crypto team claims that its objectives of empowering and enlightening society with its decentralized (peer-to-peer) payment platform is based on the same principles that the famous action star adheres to. Furthermore, Bitcoiin’s developers also say that they’ve selected Seagal as their ambassador because of his philanthropic work and involvement in various charities.

Using Celebrity Power To Endorse Bitcoiin

Although a number of celebrities such as famous rapper 50 Cent and Jamie Foxx have already somehow managed to associate their names with the cryptocurrency industry, Steven Seagal seems to have gone a step further. That’s because no other A-list celebrity might have actually become an official ambassador for a crypto-platform, until now.

By choosing to represent this company, the “Zen master” is not only backing its new cryptocurrency, but also promoting its proprietary wallet, mining equipment, and customized service which enables users to trade its crypto for other altcoins and traditional currencies. Like many other new digital currency platforms, Bitcoiin creators promise that it will be “a superior or more advanced version of Original Bitcoin”. Perhaps its best selling point is that it claims to utilize the Ethereum blockchain, which is generally considered to run faster, more securely, and overall more efficiently than most other blockchain platforms.

Comparisons To Pyramid Schemes

Crypto-experts argue that the Bitcoiin whitepaper does not convincingly convey what problem it will actually solve. In addition, there’s no clear indication of who the people behind this new digital currency are. There also seem to be some signs that this could just be another pyramid investment scheme.  Moreover, some skeptics say that the coin’s name is far too similar to that of Bitcoin. So, it could potentially create a lot of confusion and even be misleading, especially to the newcomers in the cryptosphere,

Notably, Steven Seagal’s reputation isn’t squeaky clean either since he has recently been accused of rape. The allegations have been brought forward by a woman named Regina Simons, who claims that the actor forcefully undressed and assaulted her back in 1993. Other women such as gorgeous model and actress Jenny McCarthy have also accused Seagal of sezual harassment.

Although we’re living during a time when even the U.S. president has been accused of immoral sexual conduct, Seagal has not actually been proven guilty. So, as the saying goes, he’s “innocent until proven guilty”. Similarly, the proposed Bitcoiin digital currency might seem shady, but there’s still a slim chance that it could prove to be a legitimate crypto-platform.

Let’s try to keep an open mind. Admittedly, it might be a bit difficult in this case.