Bitcoin Anonymous

Bitcoin Anonymous | Competition For Bitcoin Private ?

Yes, There Is Another Fork

In this article, we mentioned that the recent high Zclassic price, in spite of the fact that it had been abandoned by its development team, was as a result of rumors of another upcoming fork. We also stated that Ran Neuner, host of the CNBC Africa Crypto trader show, tweeted about having information on what the rumor was actually about. He did deliver on his promise. In his latest show, he interviewed the people behind Bitcoin Anonymous, the upcoming Zclassic fork. The rationale behind Bitcoin Anonymous, its features and snapshot date were all discussed.

Behind the fork and the continuous relevance of Zclassic is Jake Greenbaum A.K.A Crypto King. Jake is into crypto investments and writes about cryptocurrencies too. He would be handling the promotional aspect of the Bitcoin Anonymous while Sam Abassi, the Bitcoin Anonymous lead developer, takes care of the technical aspects.

At the time of writing, Zclassic was priced at $28.38. This is just six dollars short of the Bitcoin Private price which was at $34.2 on

Reasons For The Fork

According to Greenbaum, Bitcoin Anonymous was going to combine popular cryptocurrency features from the cryptosphere. It is an attempt to use features from different cryptocurrencies to come out with one currency with utility and value.

Another reason he gave was that the new fork of Zclassic was going to correct mistakes made when Bitcoin Private was forked off Zclassic and Bitcoin two months ago. One such mistake, according to him, was the fact that listing of the Bitcoin Private on major exchanges was not properly handled before the fork date.

These were his exact words.

“The reality is there were delays, they didn’t make big exchanges and they really upset their community. And coins live and die by the communities supporting them. And if from a development standpoint, you can’t achieve the goals your community wants, you’re as a coin not going to succeed. So, not that Bitcoin Private won’t not succeed but they’re going to have a harder time succeeding than going into it without delays, with big exchange listings and with a community that supports them.”

In Greenbaum’s opinion, lining up exchanges before the fork was going to make it more likely to succeed.

Features of Bitcoin Anonymous

Bitcoin Anonymous is mainly going to be a fork of Zclassic with the Bitcoin name and Zclassic’s zK-Snarks technology. There are, however, other proposed features like Masternodes and the ASIC resistant Equihash.

10th September 2018 has been stated as the date for the Bitcoin Anonymous snapshot. Since it is also going to be a fork of both Zclassic and Bitcoin, holders of both coins would be getting same amounts of Bitcoin Anonymous after the fork.The team plans to release more information later today.

Does the cryptocurrency space need Bitcoin Anonymous? Instead of coming out with a new fork, would it be better for this team to help Bitcoin Private succeed? Let us know in the comments.