Bitcoin is Bigger than the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution

Bitcoin will be Bigger than The Internet 

Tim Draper recently remarked that Bitcoin price will surpass many of his previous investments including Skype, Tesla, and Hotmail. He even stated, “This [Bitcoin] is bigger than the internet.” Additionally, Draper thinks that Bitcoin price will reach $250,000 by 2022. Not only is he extremely bullish about the flagship cryptocurrency’s future price, but has also suggested various use cases for it.

The Venture Capitalist noted: 

“This is bigger than the internet. It’s bigger than the Iron Age, the Renaissance. It’s bigger than the Industrial Revolution. This affects the entire world and it’s going to be affected in a faster and more prevalent way than you ever imagined.”

Draper’s comments came this past Saturday while speaking at the Intelligence Squared U.S. debate, which was offered via a partnership with the Adam Smith Society – a part of the Manhattan Institute.  

Crypto to Replace Fiat

The founder of giant venture capitalist companies DFJ and Draper Associates said that a time will come that even buying coffee with fiat money would seem ridiculous, implying that traditional currencies will ultimately be replaced by digital money. Draper reportedly acquired 30,000 Bitcoins back in 2014 at a U.S. Marshals Service Auction, which now equates to over $250 million. 

During the intense debate, Financial Times Editor Gillian Tett argued against the use of Bitcoin. Tett spoke about the use of the flagship cryptocurrency to carry out illicit activities, criticized its extreme volatility, and the substantial risks of investing in it. In response, Draper confidently asserted that he felt more confident and “secure” about his crypto holdings than the fiat money deposited in his Wells Fargo account. CEO Supports Bitcoin As Well

Patrick Byrne, CEO of, also defended the use of Bitcoin. In support of the dominant cryptocurrency, Byrne said: 

“This has been hacked at more than anything in history and has never been defeated,. Last I checked, banks get hacked too. And yeah, Bitcoin is used by unsavory characters. Last I checked, they used U.S. dollars too.”

In addition to advocating the use of cryptocurrency, Byrne is currently trying to make some adjustments to his retail business model, in order to leverage blockchain technology.  


  1. Bitcoin (and the whole crypto thing) is bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before. Many will invest now and make lots of money in the near future, while others will just wonder what happened. I believe that the price of Bitcoin will go up considerably in the next 10 years. And there’s also lots of potential for some other altcoins and that’s where the money really is. Investing a part of your money into a good number of altcoins and waiting it out (3-5 years) can bring 1000%+ ROI.

    1. Many people are of the same view

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