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Bitcoin Cash Enthusiast Roger Ver Insulted and Ridiculed

Roger Ver – the Bitcoin Jesus – Strikes Again

If you’ve been in the crypto space for a while, then you know what Bitcoin Cash is and you probably also know Roger Ver. The early Bitcoin adopter always manages to create quite a stir with his social media posts. Many people agree that Roger purposely tries to confuse people, especially the crypto noobs, into thinking that Bitcoin Cash is actually Bitcoin. These deceptive tactics, however, do not go on unnoticed. 

About an hour ago, Roger Ver tweeted out the following: 

Roger Ver Tweet

While Roger’s comments are not always the most intellectual ones or thought-provoking, he still has a large number of followers. Many crypto enthusiasts even think he is leading people astray, just like John McAfee who has over 800,000 followers on Twitter alone. Generally speaking, both Roger Ver and John McAfee are highly controversial personalities in the crypto space.

Backlash to Roger’s Tweet

@akkuindu, who himself is operating a Scam Account as his Twitter profile proudly and weirdly states, replied to Bitcoin Jesus with the following:

“Please tell me one thing, Do you believe in the lies you say?”

Meanwhile, Bitcoin hodler @ericaltm tweeted: 

“Must be weird because $BTC is the $BTC I have been using since 2011.”

One of the more sensible and informative comments came from @CryptoQuills:

“BTC is not the same as it was in 2011, is it? I thought it added segwit, lightning, and limited block size.”

@MichielWichers replied with: 

“BCH is the FAKE Bitcoin that I dumped partly every time that you pumped it (like now) since I got it for free without asking for it since august 2017. I own no Bcash anymore because it is a failed update of BTC (no consensus) and pushed by greedy scammers.”

Bitcoin Cash is NOT Bitcoin

As most sensible crypto watchers and anyone who’s capable of rational thinking would know that Bitcoin Cash is simply not Bitcoin. By disseminating this type of disinformation, you are not only misleading and deceiving, you are also hurting the volatile crypto ecosystem. And, that’s really sad and pathetic.

We finally have a solution where digital money like Bitcoin can help solve many of the problems plaguing our society. Its healthy growth and adoption can give opportunities to people who are underserved and underbanked. However, this type of disinformation can and does confuse people, especially the newcomers. In addition, people looking to enter the crypto world can even be put off by this stuff. So, one can say that people like Roger Ver are actually driving away people from the crypto market. 

Fragile Crypto Market

The reality is that most people in this world have no idea what Bitcoin, Blockchain, or other cryptocurrencies are. It’s still a big mystery to them. Therefore, the least we can do, as a responsible crypto community, is to offer the newcomers the right information and do our best to explain to them what cryptocurrencies and blockchain actually are. We need to show them how this nascent technology can help us, and point out all the useful and legitimate projects that are helping to add value to this fragile crypto ecosystem.

It is safe to say that there are no powerhouses in this industry at present. Numerous influential crypto personalities have drawn outrageous comparisons between players in the crypto market to giants such as Amazon and Facebook. This is clearly another unhealthy way to promote the digital currency space.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder, stated a few months back that the cryptocurrency market could drop to near-zero value. Vitalik also rightly pointed out that crypto-technology must be drastically improved and that it has been given a lot more credit than it deserves. The expert programmer and writer is absolutely right, because whenever I want to cash my Bitcoins, I have to rely/depend on a undercover crypto trader here in Pakistan to come to my house. He is the only option I have, sadly, to actually do a BTC transaction that I am comfortable with. What’s worse is that the transaction itself takes much longer than it should.

I cannot simply walk into a store and ask them to accept my Bitcoins. The same goes with other cryptocurrencies as well. People just don’t know what they are, and the State Bank here in Pakistan has foolishly attempted to ban them. So, the world is not exactly a crypto friendly place. Realistic expectations and positive contributions to help grow this tiny ecosystem are exactly what is needed right now. You might even be better off investing in traditional assets, instead of cryptocurrencies, if you go by what Vitalik says.

In conclusion, let’s focus on learning more about this technology ourselves and educating others as well.

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