and Calvin Ayre See Bitcoin Cash As the “Real Bitcoin”

Roger Ver’s, and the Calvin Ayre Media group, which includes cryptocurrency news website CoinGeek, recently issued a joint press release promoting the same definitions on the cryptocurrency scene to “promote clarity.” These two organizations recently published pieces stating that Bitcoin Cash is, to them, the “real bitcoin,” that is, the one that is more in line with Satoshi’s original whitepaper.

The release makes it clear and Calvin Ayre is cementing a partnership that wants to educate people on why Bitcoin Cash (BCC) is, reportedly, the only blockchain that can “do it all.” It states:

“The Calvin Ayre Media Group (which includes intends to work with Roger Ver and his group to educate the world on why the Bitcoin public blockchain (BCC) is the only one that can do it all.”

Recently, published a piece titledBitcoin Cash is Bitcoin – which can also be found on CoinGeek – that attempts to clarify why the organizations see Bitcoin Cash as the cryptocurrency that’s more in line with Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper. Among its arguments, it points out that both Bitcoin’s original chain and bitcoin Cash have low fees, and in both transactions are fast and irreversible.

It also points out that around October 25, and in mid-November, two bitcoin hard forks are coming, and neither will give it these properties. It does, however, neglect to mention decentralization and the risks of Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, being centralized. has also announced an updated stance on the symbols and monikers it plans to use following this year’s hard forks. Per the website, it will be using “BCC” for Bitcoin Cash and may use “SW1” for bitcoin, “SW2” for the SegWit2x chain, and “SWG” for the Bitcoin Gold chain.

Similarly, the two organizations’ joint press release states that the two will now refer to Bitcoin Core as ‘SegWit Core’ and encourage other industry media outlets to do the same. It reads:

“Hence going forward and will refer to this groups as ‘Segwit Core’ and would encourage other Bitcoin media to do the same.”

Move met with criticism

The move and the report published by both organizations have been met with a lot of criticism from various users on social media. For one, some believe that Bitcoin Cash shouldn’t use Bitcoin’s name in the first place, as it might confuse new users getting into cryptocurrency.

Moreover, naming a piece “Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin” is certainly just going to make things worse for someone who’s still learning about bitcoin and blockchain technology. Others see the whole piece as propaganda.



A few even decided to point out inaccuracies in the graphs contained in’s piece. Although humorously, graphs were altered to show that Bitcoin’s original blockchain might just not go anywhere and that its sister chain has been struggling with problems that aren’t mentioned in the organization’s piece.