Freelancer Marketplace CEO Says Bitcoin-Related Job Listings Surged 82%

Freelancer Market CEO | Bitcoin Job Listings Surging

While speaking to CNBC, CEO Matt Barrie revealed that the number of bitcoin-related job listings has increased by a whopping 82% percent in the third quarter and that the bitcoin job category one of the fastest growing on the marketplace. is an international employment marketplace, where freelancers can be hired to do various types of jobs. The company’s data shows that the cryptocurrency industry has been trending, as Barrie himself revealed that “People are getting freelancers to design new types of cryptocurrencies.”

One of the main skills companies are now looking for is the ability to manage Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Not only that, employers are also looking for people that can create new cryptocurrencies, write ICO whitepapers, create plans for technologies employing blockchains, and more.

It has to be noted that any cryptocurrency related job – including ICO management – fall into the “bitcoin” category on The majority of job listings within the category are ICO-related, as some are still looking to get in on the industry.

The ICO industry is unregulated and, as some have described it, can be a “gold rush” for entrepreneurs trying to make millions in a short amount of time. According to data from CoinSchedule, ICOs have raised over $3.2 billion this year, and some have the potential of wiping out investor funds if they aren’t properly managed.

The industry’s surge has been so powerful that its related cryptography field also saw job listings rise by 59% in the third quarter. The company, with over 25 million users and 12 million job posts to date, seems to be bullish on ICOs, as Barrie stated:

“Our global community has expertise across over 1,000 areas of expertise, so if you are living in Poland but would like help with setting up your ICO, then we give entrepreneurs a place to turn.”

In the third quarter, had a total of 480,000 job listings. Although bitcoin-related jobs have surged, others related to technology seem to be declining. Those Microsoft-related, for example, are down by 41%.

Per Bitsonline, other similar websites such as AngelList also saw growth in cryptocurrency-related job listings. AngelList claims its cryptocurrency-related listings doubled in six months and predicts that it will have 1,255 by the end of the year, as opposed to 442 at the start of the period.

These announcements reveal that the Fintech industry, in general, is growing at a steady pace. Even JP Morgan put up a blockchain-related job ad, despite its CEO’s words on bitcoin.