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Core Group Evangelizes Bitcoin Sponsorship

Bitcoin Sponsorship For The Darwin Buffettes

Bitcoin Sponsorship For The Darwin Buffettes makes Core Group proud. The Darwin Buffettes,  a Northern Territory Australian Football League (AFL) Women’s Team sponsored by our very own ‘Core Group’ for the 2017 – 2018 season have won their Grand Final. Not only did the young ladies win the Grand Final, but they remained undefeated throughout the entire season. A feat that can be described as truly exceptional and one that will last in the hearts and minds of the players for years to come.Bitcoin sponsorship

Sports teams sponsored by crypto you say? Well of course, and why not? A quick look at sponsorship reveals an interesting cross-section of participation from cigarette manufacturers to alcohol brands, Insurance company’s to financial institutions and of course hospitality’s usual suspects from McDonald’s to the local sparky or plumber. It was an opportunity too good to pass up when our CEO was asked if he would be interested in taking on the major sponsorship for the team. Finally, bitcoin can be seen in a proactive and positive light, instead of the usual negative associations. Bitcoin is more than a crypto trade instrument.  It is useful for much more than the widely televised fraudulent acts. The reputation that bitcoin has received unfairly shows mostly negative news like circumvention of laws by terrorists or other dishonest groups.  Criminal activity is a microscopic portion of the way cryptocurrency is used, and we want to show you the positive side.

Bitcoin Sponsorship Shows A Positive Side Of Crypto Despite Negative Spotlight

The most important thing to observe here is a simple fact that brand awareness is not to be underestimated. For Bitcoin, this is what will drive home adoption on a massive scale. Think about that for a second.  Our team celebrated a victory in style, watched by thousands of adoring fans, televised and broadcast on local radio, their jerseys decorated with the Bitcoin logo. Sure, it was in an obscure and relatively remote area of Australia, but we were instrumental in lifting the spirits of the team, the club, the supporters and rode the crest of celebrations as Grand Final Winners.

As exciting as this was, it only illustrates the beginning of what we hope will be a contagious method of positive development at a business level, for crypto. Also, this type of community uplift is a fantastic opportunity to lead by example, which has been a part of the vision for Core Group since our inception in 2013.  This all ties together to further emphasize the growth, development, and metamorphosis of Core Group into Crypto Core Group 2018.

Bitcoin Sponsorship Encourages Communities To Focus On Positive Impact Of Bitcoin

Can you imagine it?  We envision legitimate crypto projects using their newly created wealth to support our youth, providing not only sporting scholarships and education scholarships but individual excellence programs and funding for positive development initiatives at a community level.  This is where cryptocurrency should focus if they want to be taken seriously by the general population.  Participation in being good role models like this will show legitimacy and commitment to a better future for our children and for our own twilight years.

Core Group Proud Sponsors Of The Darwin Buffettes Has A Surprise Gift For The Girls

Core Group is proud of these ladies and in addition to the sponsorship given to the team, each teammate will receive a gift with a world of value in it. The first part of the gift will be in cash, because this is the currency they are accustomed to using, earning and spending. Then, as a more meaningful gesture, each team member will be given a lesson on creating a mobile bitcoin wallet,  and when they are ready a gift of $50 worth of Bitcoin to fund their newly created accounts.

Along with this awesome gift, they will be given the opportunity to learn about cryptocurrency using tools our team will provide.  The importance of instilling knowledge of how it all works in the world of crypto is a mammoth task, however, it is vital to the future generations that everyone gets a chance to understand the positive impact this form of transacting can really have on human lives.

There are plenty of shady stories surging through the headlines at a pace that is hard to keep up with, but the notoriously naughty bitcoin has a much broader community that works tirelessly to add a touch of philanthropy and genuine kindness to the equation. Bitcoin is positive too!

The magnitude of a good deed may seem small, but the reality of humanity has layers to it. To keep it simple for now let’s just say that people are what they surround themselves with.  With this thought in mind, we are surrounding the globe with righteous intentions, and educational opportunities that promote balance and freedom. For anyone interested in spreading the positive message, bitcoin sponsorship is a good place to start.

If you are yawning, wake up, because of our readers and viewers, one lucky person will win $100 in bitcoin. Here is how:

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