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Bitcoin Trader Coerced at Gunpoint into Transferring over a “Fortune” in Bitcoins

Bitcoin Trader Coerced into Transferring Bitcoins

Thames Valley police in Britain are asking for help in tracking down a group of four armed robbers who reportedly barged into the £800,000 house of a bitcoin trader on Monday, January 22nd. After forcing their way inside the house, the group allegedly coerced Danny Aston, a prolific crypto trader, at gunpoint to transfer his bitcoins to their address. This is the UK’s very first “crypto heist” and although the exact amount stolen has not been disclosed, it might have been a small “fortune”.

After the violent incident, Mr. Aston and Amy Jay, his 31-year-old partner, are said to be hiding at a secret location. One of their neighbors said“I was not here at the time but I know the couple have left and are staying with relatives, they haven’t been back since”. Their neighbor also stated that their community was not used to these types of incidents and was quite “shaken up”.

A Targeted Incident

Together, the couple owns a business called Aston Digital Currencies Ltd. Mr. Aston has been reported to use the alias ‘Goldiath’ while online. Now, police are trying to find witnesses who might have seen the raiders as they committed the crime. Specifically, the officers would like to get their hands on any dashcam footage or even cell phone images that might have been captured by people in the area around A329 road. The house where the crypto robbery occurred is said to be located in the upscale Oxfordshire village of Moulsford.

Although this seems to be a bitcoin heist, the police did not confirm local reports stating that armed men were only after cryptocurrency holdings from the bitcoin trader. It’s not clear any physical property was also stolen. However, the police did classify it as a targeted incident and said that no serious injuries occurred due to the robbery. Also according to the authorities, the investigation is currently in its preliminary stages. The neighborhood where the crime took place has been notified that the police will be monitoring the area more closely from now on.

Schools Nearby Took Precautionary Measures

The village of Moulsford (crime location) happens to be an affluent neighborhood with luxurious redbrick homes. It has previously served as the setting of Midsomer Murders, a made for TV detective drama. There are also a couple of schools located in the small village. As the bitcoin trader was being robbed, a student from the nearby Cranford House Preparatory School said that pupils were asked to “get to safety”. Meanwhile doors in the classrooms were locked, curtains drawn, and students were instructed to crouch on the floor. Nobody even knew what exactly was happening, but it left everyone terrified.

According to the local police, the robbers were wearing balaclavas, and had jumped over a fence on the opposite side of the road where the bitcoin trader and his partner had been living. At this time, nobody has been arrested. For now, anyone who might have information linked to the crime can contact 101, a non-emergency number. Or, crimestoppers at 0800 555 111.