Bitcoin’s Wikipedia Page Editor Doesn’t Own Any Bitcoins

Ladislav Mecir is a 57-year-0ld computer programmer actively contributing to Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. He is a fan of Bitcoin from 2012, but he doesn’t own any. Let’s check on the reason for him not to buy early even though he was a huge fan of Bitcoin.

Czech Grandpa’s Life History

Ladislav is from the Czech Republic working as a computer programmer. He has two grandsons and is awaiting a granddaughter. Ladislav is an active contributor to Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page, and he is a huge fan of the technology right from 2012. He is coming from a country that has some of the world’s most enthusiastic Bitcoin fans. Also, the Czech Republic is proud of being the first country to have the Bitcoin Mining Pool in the world.  But he is not the person who acts like “Bitcoin Millennials” who have invested in future technology and “acts cool”.

Wikipedia and Bitcoin Entry

Ladislav first came to know about Wikipedia in the 2000s when he was making a career change. He was struggling to support his family at that time, and his earnings were only from his high school teaching and other small part-time jobs. He learned a lot of stuff from Wikipedia; he even learned some advanced math concepts from the Wikipedia page. This developed an interest in him and drove him closer to this site.

As mentioned, he came to know about Bitcoin in 2012. When he first heard about this technology he said:

“This is going to change Everything”

He was even surprised that something like this could ever exist. He then started to learn about bitcoin and blockchain technology by himself. He then decided to monitor the Wikipedia page and found that it was a great way to learn this technology in depth.

Editing Bitcoin’s Wikipedia Page

Mecir devoted several hours to editing Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page. He maintains both versions of the page, namely English and Czech. But, his family is not too much a fan of him spending a lot of time on his hobby, and they tease him.

He knows the importance of this technology because he has faced intellectual suppression while he attended university and most of the economic and scientific textbooks were censored by the government. So he had a natural liking for Bitcoin since it is a technology that is censorship resistant.

Problems Faced by Bitcoin’s Wikipedia Page

Bitcoin’s Wikipedia page has faced a number of problems. The Bitcoin Wikipedia page has been removed and then published again. Mecir thinks “Nocoiners” feel that the technology is a scam that attracts unsuspecting people. Many other people also have personally said to him that Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme and that it should not have Wikipedia page.

The Wikipedia page also faces numerous problems from the people who want to edit it. Some people who edit it fasely claim they are the inventors of this technology. One such incident happened when an anonymous editor from Greek IP address edited the page and said that he invented Bitcoin. Due to these issues, the Bitcoin Wikipedia page is now set up so that it locks the page and new users with an account less than four days old are not allowed to edit. Also, it protects the page from being edited by users from an unregistered IP address.

Mecir’s Contribution to Bitcoin

Mecir is working hard on making the Wikipedia page more informative. He is proud of contributing two original pages on the difficulty of mining bitcoin over time and the total Bitcoins in circulation.

He considers Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to be a major experiment in economics and compares it to the CERN experiment that uses the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter. CERN has the world’s largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Mecir compares Bitcoin to be an experiment like CERN but on economics instead of physics.

Reasons for Not Investing in Bitcoin

When Mecir was questioned about not investing in Bitcoin back in 2012 (price was around $2 at that time) even after knowing about the technology and being a long time fan of it, he smiled and replied that

“It could have gone the other way,”

He mentioned that he is naturally a risk-averse person and prefers investing in stable financial instruments, and also to be able to make sure that he can pay his home mortgage rather than speculating and investing in Bitcoin.

Even though he has not invested personally in Bitcoin, he says that he has  invested his time and is learning a lot about the technology all the time. He finally wraps up with this statement.

“I learned a lot, and I cannot lose what I have learned.”