BitCrystals | Revolutionizing The Gaming Industry With Cryptocurrency

For gamers, rare Items can take hours, even days to acquire and are usually worth every second but despite the real-life effort and skill that is put into finding or gaining this item, the item itself has no real-life value and can not be used outside of that specific game. EverdreamSoft plans to solve this “first-world problem” with BitCrystals (BCY), a Counterparty asset issued on the Bitcoin blockchain that acts as the game-fuel and premium currency in EverdreamSoft’s upcoming free-to-play mobile game Spells of Genesis (SoG), a trading card/arcade game that integrates blockchain technology, not only in its economy, but also in its storyline. SoG is currently in beta and can be tested by users.

BitCrystals can be freely exchanged in Counterparty’s decentralized exchange, or on traditional  exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex, and they will be used to enhance gaming experience in Spells of Genesis like buying card packs or unlocking new features, thus creating a higher demand for BCY as the popularity of the game grows.

These cards and other game items that can be bought using BCY are also counterparty assets and can be freely exchanged between users on the Counter Party DEX and in the game itself or purchased from EverdreamSoft directly. Since these items are issued and traded on the blockchain, any failure in the game will not result in the loss of items.

When a user buys a card pack with a fiat currency via Google Play or AppStore, EverdreamSoft will buy back half of the value received in BCY from an exchange and burn them. When a player buys a card pack using BCY, EverdreamSoft keeps half of the BitCrystals and burns the other half.

EverdreamSoft held a token sale to fund the development of SoG, during which 70 million tokens were up for sale. ~14.4 million tokens were sold for 974 BTC and the remaining BCY was publicly burned. The BitCrystals Token Sale started on August 4th, it ended on September 3rd, 2015, since then the BCY token value has grown more than 385%.

Since the game features Blockchain as part of the game storyline, cool trading cards have been created like the Satoshi CardEthereum Card and Waves Card. Using the features of each technology as the special ability for the card, SoG provides a completely new and fun way to understand blockchain technology and its history at a basic level. Click here to see all the blockchain cards.