Bitfury Group

Reason Why Valery Vavilov had to start the Bitfury Group

After the collapse of the Soviet Union on the 26th of December, 1991, Valery Vavilov sought for ways to improve the living conditions of people living in the Soviet Union and in other parts of the world. As a passionate enthusiast of the Blockchain sector, Valery Vavilov couldn’t think of a better way to improve the living conditions of people all around the world than to set up a Blockchain technology firm which he called the Bitfury Group. The Bitfury Group, a Blockchain security provider is one of the results of Vavilov’s 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur as well as his experience in various technical posts

Valery Vavilov

Valery Vavilov is the CEO, Board Director, and the Founder of the Bitfury Group.  After years of experience as an entrepreneur, Valery Vavilov founded the Bitfury Group in 2011. Valery is a Latvian national and has an MSc in computer science from the Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Latvia. The 38-year-old entrepreneur has a crypto net worth of $500 to 700 million and is also the co-founder of

The Bitfury Group

The Bitfury Group is one of the biggest and most successful Blockchain technology companies in the world at the moment. It was established in 2011 by entrepreneur, Valery Vavilov. This firm started as a company that was into the mining of Bitcoins and is the biggest industrial miner of Bitcoins apart from China. With its headquarters in San Francisco, California,United States, the Bitfury Group is a firm that is committed to ensuring stability as well as security on the Blockchain platform. Although the Bitfury Group was established in San Francisco, it has grown to have offices in London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, the Republic of Georgia, Iceland, Canada, and Norway. This firm has saddled itself with the responsibility of ensuring that both the hardware as well as the software that is needed by organizations, businesses, and governments for efficient running are developed. This is to ensure that assets are moved confidently through the Blockchain platform.

The Bitfury Group is made up of a team of communication, security, and technology experts and has Exonum as its first ever software. Since the development of Exonum, the Bitfury Group has built quite a number of other software.Some of them include lighting network, property rights registration, a chain hub, digital assets PaaS, and Data analytics. This firm has also developed hardware such as immersion cooling, data centre construction, micro electrics, data centres in marine containers and semiconductors.

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