Blockchain Developer Oceanlab Launched Their Initial Coin Offering

Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) Aug 13, 2017 – An ambitious group of developers led by its founders, Fabrice Distefano and Olivier Saintelet introduced to the public on August 7, 2017 when they launched their initial coin offering, or ICO.  Their project was voted in the top 3 blockchain startups out of over 130 competing companies who entered the ICOhub contest held in June.

The OceanLab team has been working to make practical use of the Waves Platform and all the Waves blockchain benefits. Their landing page describes it this way:

“We’re utterly passionate by the real-world possibilities blockchains have to offer and we want to create the first research and development lab for the blockchain in Europe.”

Based on the Waves platform, OceanLab is developing several tools to simplify the cryptographically expressed blockchain data. They aim broaden the spectrum of real life improvements made possible by the Waves Blockchain.

According to the OceanLab whitepaper written by the OceanLab founder, Fabrice Distefano,  the common goal across all their applications and tools is to extract the most useful data from the Waves blockchain in order to filter and direct the information into a consumer friendly format and to transparently record events and/or transactions in a blockchain that people can understand.

Distefano explains:

“Oceanlab will act as the missing link between transactions and people, you’ll be able to read the blockchain as if you were reading a newspaper, accessing information related to trading, new uses of the blockchain, new technologies, projects, … without browsing through an enormous amount of data.
Information is one of the most precious asset from this era and our aim is to master it to be able to provide it to anyone the way it is needed.”

The Oceanlab assortment of projects includes a growing list of working use-case examples. The most noted project at OceanLab is the Engine known as Gravit. Gravit is a combination of blockchain exploration, social media and a fully operational search engine. The OceanLab tools and apps claim to improve the operations in many fields.

  • IoT
  • Automation of information
  • Data storage
  • Photo editing and management
  • Graphic design tracking
  • Creative writing
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