GlobalBoost company

Bruce Porter Jr and his Blockchain GlobalBoost company

Bruce Porter Jr is the chairman and CEO of GlobalBoost company. He is a Blockchain guru, a serial entrepreneur, and is ranked amongst the top hundred people in Blockchain technology by the influencer world, a company that monitors Blockchain technology. Bruce Potter Jr, with his influence has reshaped and contributed globally to the dimensional growth of Blockchain . Because of this, we are inspired to dive into the world of his roots, and know more about his GlobalBoost company.

Another way Porter has impacted the world through cryptocurrencies, is by using the GlobalBoost coin to grant and help to wounded veterans who served the nation, and no longer have a source of income.


Bruce Jr

Bruce Porter Jr. is widely known as the CEO and chairman of GlobalBoost company. There’s notably a GlobalBoost coin that aims to help war veterans by trying to create a source of income for them should they not have one. As a serial entrepreneur, Porter is also the COO of a promotional modeling girl’s agency know as Emme girls. Basically, Emme Girls is a modeling agency but it also functions as a language service company, and provides DC translations services. Porter attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Bruce Porter Jr, is also a strong competitor and fighter. That’s undoubtedly one of the reasons he is highly succeeding in the competitive world of Blockchain technology.

Before fully dedicating himself to the agency and his Blockchain Company, he personally competed in international ice dancing competitions. Porter also worked as an ice hockey coach. One could say the coach job probably gave him the experience as COO for Emme Girls. There are a lot of testimonies from the agency girls about how professional he is, and what a great teacher he is to them.

Global Boosts

 GlobalBoost company is a digitized marketing platform that uses Blockchain technology to function. Basically the way GlobalBoost company works is that it provides a platform which makes it easy for those looking for international publishing, and broadcasting services. With that, selling any product online is as easy as turning on a switch. They also have a marketing program, which designs, and provides tools to promote your business.

The GlobalBoost platform is a strong one and has a great support system with community members who are ready to help you out. The GlobalBoost team is made up of certified experts which includes  developers ,advertisers, and an amazingly friendly community.

The GlobalBoost has great features such as its Social Media Dashboard. The social media dashboard gives you the allowance to upload your timed post directly to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and VKontakte.

GlobalBoost has amazing reviews online, and is a digital marketing platform, which a lot of people recommend as it is considered reliable and it has been tested over the years. The platform has proved to people that Blockchain Technology can be implemented in a reliable manner.

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