Blockchain humanity

Blockchain Humanity | Technology As A Catalyst For Higher Intelligence

Blockchain humanity is a phrase that comes with a certain value. If your first reaction to the term blockchain humanity is to roll your eyes, that may be a sign that you have “heard it all before’. I can almost hear my own dad saying something like “sounds like hippy talk”. Blockchain technology is a catalyst for higher human intelligence, and everyone on earth will soon be faced with this truth, and it is a blessing of many gifts.

Blockchain humanity
Blockchain humanity

Blockchain Humanity Will Not Erase The Past

The human experience, up until recent years, has been recorded using methods that are deemed reliable but incomplete. This means that we transfer the information in ways that are trustworthy, like online writing outlets and forums, books, emails, videos, and photographs. These are all suitable ways to share information, however, there are flaws to each of these options.

Human history has been filtered and refined by central governments and groups who held a position of power over society. Before computers, typewriters, photography and even ahead of modern mankind, the people passed all information along through storytelling, and through the creation of hand-scribed books. These handmade compilations were some of the only documented accounts of what life was for the people pre-dating modern technologies.

Gross Manipulation Of History Leads To Repeated Mistakes 

Immeasurable numbers of texts and irreplaceable scriptures were subject to censorship, religious pruning and in many circumstances, humanity lost enormous pieces of its past. The flaw is painfully evident in these types of written history since we simply cannot go back to confirm or retrace the steps that have been erased.

“Although the scriptures themselves are authentic, the compilation of these scriptures into a Bible is not, in my opinion complete.” Vincent Pereria, the Author of Centuries states. The author explains with an example. “One such book that is omitted is the Book of Enoch, written by Noah’s grandfather and referred to in the Bible itself…”

As Pereria points out in Centuries, his book, which is intended as a historical supplement to the existing biblical record; there are parts of the puzzle that are missing. Of the history that was preserved through the ages, many cultures have their own adaptation of what seems like the same legends, myths and even history which is taught as truth.  There are common themes, similar characters and remarkably matching storylines to many history lessons, religious texts and scientific studies.  Pereria reminds the reader that in the years before modern record keeping and technology, some of the information passed along through the divided people were not different at all- they were only being recalled in new and evolving languages.

“The reason why there are so many historic stories across the different cultures of the world revealing the same characters and events is because they are the exact same characters and events, only told in the new languages that were created.”  Vincent Pereria, author of Centuries explained

Manipulation Of Facts Means Mistakes Could Happen Again

The gross manipulation of the recorded sequence of events that took place on earth, along with an underdeveloped understanding of the sciences made a very blurry backdrop for the next generation to work from. The problems that arose for civilizations of our ancestors seem to be cycling on a repeating loop through the centuries.

Have you heard the old cliche,”History repeats itself”? When you consider the great strides mankind has taken with the incredible technology we really should be able to alter the path at least enough to prevent ourselves from forging a straight road to our own demise AGAIN.

Recognizing The Cycle Of Omission Is Not Enough

KNOWING that we are cycling is not enough to change the course of our legacy, yet this awareness is the cornerstone of the buildout of our future as a species. It is true that we have been repeating the mistakes of our ancient families, however, the shielded truth and the concealed events of our human history greatly reduced our ability to learn from these concealed events. This is no longer a valid excuse for our future shortcomings as a species.

Accountability Is This Way – Through Blockchain

Blockchain technology is complex but it is the most clever upgrade humanity has come to, in this era of information. The things that make a blockchain different than other methods of recording were explained by David Brown the Chief Technology Officer at R3 in a broken down cluster of features. He called the 5 traits “The Blockchain Bundle”. The blockchain bundle is comprised of the following:

Consensus – In the blockchain model, each user And each transaction is verified multiple ways by unrelated parties.
Validity– Once a transaction is confirmed it is considered valid and correct and is permanently sealed into the public ledger.
Uniqueness – The blockchain offers solutions for problems that apply uniquely to the users, no matter what the blockchain is used for.
Immutability– once a transaction is verified, valid and recorded in a block it cannot be hidden or altered. Each block is added to the chain of blocks representing all the events or transactions that have taken place. You can’t erase, undo or manipulate block data that is already confirmed.
Authentication – users authenticate transactions as they get confirmed and recorded, then that transaction is closed and irreversible and forever traceable without revealing too much actual private data of the people behind the wallet addresses.

All of these features can play a crucial role in the better accounting of our human journey so we can collectively grow from our mistakes and lessons learned. This came to mind in a creative tweet volley between the effervescent @Stellabelle on Twitter that inspired this entire train of thought. The Crypto Slothicorn was seen tweeting that people should study the reasons the Roman Empire fell – because as the lovely Crypto-Super-Talent further explained, she knows what is commonly accepted to be true about people and that is the tendency to make mistakes repeatedly. To my shock and delight, I had the epiphany that we may have the solution that eliminates bad replays of our historical faux pas. What if we simply looked at the past on the blockchain and altered the next moves?

Blockchain Humanity
Blockchain Humanity

Blockchain Humanity Is The Way Forward

Can you imagine for a moment a world where history is never erased because it is all stored, confirmed and permanent in a factual public accounting of humankind and their lives? It is not (yet) possible to go back to the era predating technology, and therefore we have many gaps and unclear explanations of the past. When censorship was the popular way to “undo” something, chunks of time and history were hostilely removed from our recollections leaving much unsettled.

This blatant act of robbery will never happen again, with the help of modern data sharing. Eventually, we will be able to say with total certainty, what happened along our timeline to create each event.  Ideally, this will be a humanity cloud that stores the story of our species in a way that cannot be blotted off or patched up.

Blockchain Humanity – A Road Paved With Lessons Learned

Coming from a position of trustless accounting in a publicly kept ledger could be the difference between “history repeating itself” and humanity reaching a higher level of intelligence- like AI.  By referencing the cloud of safely kept data and seeing the truth of how our people have done everything humans do, we might eliminate the paths that previously led to misfortune and instead take an alternate road paved with lessons learned.

To Be Continued For The Rest Of Our Time On Earth. 

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