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Blockchain Startup PolySwarm Offers “First Decentralized Antivirus Martketplace”

Rapid globalization, due to advancements in technology, has come with its advantages and disadvantages. Blockchain technology, another product of the 21st century, could help advance some of the positive aspects of globalization by helping to create equal opportunity for people around the globe. It may even help bridge the workforce gap that exists because of racial, socio-economic, or political reasons. Furthermore, blockchain could help in overcoming boundaries of language, border, and bias. PolySwarm, a blockchain startup which claims to offer the “first decentralized antivirus marketplace”, could contribute to this effort, based on the services it aims to provide.

Since technology has advanced to the point where we can instantly communicate with anyone around the world, people can now compete for a job regardless of their location. Notably, PolySwarm aims to assist cybersecurity experts around the world in competing for job roles which would solve cybersecurity threats that affect us all.

The platform’s objective is to recruit talented individuals based on merit and to build anti-malware engines to offer greater protection. The idea is to converge the global workforce talent of anti-malware specialists that can efficiently work together to provide solutions related to cybersecurity.

Current Size of the Cybersecurity Market & How Can PolySwarm Can Help

The global cybersecurity market was worth around $140 billion in 2017 and could reach an estimated value of around $232 billion by 2022. Back in 2016, cybersecurity experts had to deal with 4,000 ransomware attacks each day.

PolySwarm plans to overcome these ransomware and cybersecurity threats by offering a blockchain-based, decentralized and distributed marketplace. Anyone can become part of this marketplace regardless of their background. The experts that identify cybersecurity & malware threats would be awarded bounties. So, the specialists would have a lot of incentive to help detect such cybersecurity threats.

PolySwarm’s CEO on Creation of the Platform

PolySwarm is led by Founder & CEO, Steve Bassi. He has spent several years working as a hacker, helping combat cybersecurity threats. After 20 years of experience, he wanted to create a solution for the industry that would help overcome global cybersecurity threats. One core element of his ambition was to include talents from all different backgrounds.

Here is what Steve Bassi has to say about PolySwarm:

“About 6 months ago the concept behind PolySwarm was born out of frustration: we were a small cyber security company with innovative tools and no path to market. So like good engineers we got frustrated and built something to deal with the problem.”

The strategy, so far, by Steve Bassi seems to be working in his company’s favor. Cybersecurity experts from various parts of the world including Philippines, Canada, and Switzerland are competing for bounties. The experts believe that there is a lack of cybersecurity experts in the West, which they think can be filled with the talent from other marketplaces.

 PolySwarm’s Unique Set of Services

PolySwarm refers to itself as the world’s “first decentralized anti-virus marketplace”. There are also many things that the PolySwarm company claims to offer, and it says that its services are better than those offered by other cybersecurity companies. Some of the noteworthy features of its services are: decentralization, crowdsourcing, low cost per artifact, broader threat coverage, high output capacity, low real time analysis, faster speed to react, and interoperability.