Blockpool | A Blockchain Integration Technology Launches It’s Public Scope Document

Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) June 20th, 2017 — BlockPool, located in London, has announced its first public scope documentation for their “Blockchain Integration Technology” (BIT). This technology layer will be built right on top of its innovative DPoS BPL B2B Blockchain.

Whilst growing exponentially, utilizing blockchain technology for business purposes seemed like a distant future, until now. BlockPool is all about the end user, in that users don’t need to replace existing hardware or systems in order to migrate onto their blockchain. BlockPool creates an easy to use interfaces removing all the hassles.

In order to demonstrate the BIT technology at work, users will be able to watch a filmed demonstration. The POC (Proof of Concept) will be illustrated by showing a real world example which is currently being undertaken with Buzzbike London. Now businesses can see first hand how the blockchain can help their business needs and why BlockPool is the best place to achieve their goals.

“We ended up pushing through those aspects of blockchain that we felt were essential, such as immutability, security aspects, smart contracts and data assimilation. It soon became clear that we were writing lots of APIs to embrace existing infrastructure and so we basically wrote our own universal framework to cover database connection, a flexible public api, and of course our new BPL DPoS blockchain. We’re also really excited to be taking our first steps with IPFS technology which complements our BIT system perfectly” – CTO Tom Kerswill

“We’re still at a fairly age in terms of being able to service all of the B2B enquiries we are now getting on a daily basis, but we hope our Token Exchange Campaign (TEC) campaign will enable us to scale effectively and be able to say ‘yes’ to a lot more of the enquiries that we receive” – CEO Ken Foster

When the end user changes for the technology it becomes a barrier to entry for businesses. The approach that BlockPool is taking will turn the Bitcoin world upside down in that they change the technology for the end user. This is the opposite approach from other cryptocurrencies on the market.

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