BlockPool | Blockchain Solutions for the Real World

Blockchain technology is here to stay. While it should not be considered the solution to all problems under the sun, the benefits it brings to individuals and corporations are extensive. Companies are always looking for better and cheaper ways to manage their data and in some cases, the attributes of blockchain technology have made it the perfect solution.

However, with a new and disruptive technology such as the blockchain tech, integrating current company systems with the blockchain requires an astounding amount of effort and knowledge, and blockchain experts aren’t exactly in abundance. Furthermore, finding an expert or company that specializes in the industry you work on can also prove to be a challenge.

Enter BlockPool, a company that offers a wide range or “pool” of blockchain-based solutions and that specializes in various kinds of industries such as (but not limited to): Arts & Media, Fintech, Brands, Music & Sports applications. The BlockPool platform will enable corporations to start working with Blockchain technology and to integrate it into their business model without the the need for extensive research and previous technical knowledge on how blockchain technology or a specific blockchain works.

BlockPool allows companies to take advantage of the BlockPool Masterchain, an open-source Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain platform that comes complete with full BAPP functionalities. Companies can make the most of the Masterchain through the deployment of customized sidechains which can be created to suit each company’s needs.

If a company requires a publicly accessible and verifiable blockchain, Blockpool can create a sidechain and platform plugins to facilitate communication with existing legacy systems, allowing the two to share datasets, speeding up business transactions, verifications as well as facilitating data storage whenever necessary and in the best way possible. If the company requires a private or pseudo-private blockchain, however, they are able to maintain their own private sidechain.

This system allows companies to share information with other organizations, if needed, while allowing organizations to retain complete control over their own private information.

BlockPool also provides an additional array of tools that make working with blockchain technology much easier and familiar for entrant corporations. For example, fiat pegging allows companies to retain a token reserve equal to their bank account balance through the implementation of a burn/stake method that ensures a one to one peg on all private chain tokens. Several plugins that facilitate intersystem communication ,file storage, and more, are also provided.

In order to fund the development of this technology, BlockPoool will be hosting a Token Exchange Campaign (TEC) in which 20 million out of 25 million BPL tokens will be available. Funds raised during the crowdfunding campaign will be held in Escrow and released on a milestone basis in order to protect participants in the TEC. Furthermore, 5% of all net profits of the company will be distributed to all BPL holders as a revenue share (converted to BPL) once per year after official accounts are submitted and approved.

To learn more about BlockPool visit the official website and/or read the whitepaper.