Bluetooth Tracking with Mytracknet is a Device we all need

Over time, we lose hold of one item or the other. Sometimes it is a phone, at other times it could be a car key or even a wallet. Losing an item becomes more painful when it takes a whole lot of time to locate the item or when we’re completely unable to find them. No doubt, many technologies are already in place to assist people in finding their lost items. However, nothing makes life worthwhile like doing things in a simpler and easier way. This is the singular role which Bluetooth tracking devices play without any significant competition – reducing the stress involved in finding lost items. In this article, we are set to show you why it is a good decision to get Mytracknet app and at the same time give you a background appreciation of what it is all about.

Mytracknet BlueTooth Tracking
Mytracknet Tracker Prototype

What is a Bluetooth Tracking Device?

It is a little gadget which could be easily attached to your items to improve their safety. This device usually uses Bluetooth low energy to connect wirelessly to your mobile device, and through this connection, it transmits data to the device. The Bluetooth tracker normally constitutes a power source (a built-in battery), a chip and an antenna.

How does it Work?

Every Bluetooth Tracking Device comes with a peculiar signature, this is known only to the owner. The tracker is accompanied by a mobile app where the users create and own accounts; they now link their Bluetooth devices to this account. When the connection has been established, the tracker and the app become recognizable to each other and in this way, signals can be transmitted to and fro, across the two terminals (the tracker and mobile device). The Bluetooth tracker notifies the owner through ringing whenever there is a separation between the item bearing the tracker and the mobile device. For example, if you attended a board meeting and at the end of the meeting, you forgot your keys on the table; as soon as you’re approaching the door, your phone begins to ring to let you know you left your keys on the table.

Is a Bluetooth Tracker same as a GPS Device?

People often make the mistake of thinking that a Bluetooth device is the same thing as a GPS device, but this is not true. They differ in many ways including the connection range, size, battery life, among others. For instance, while GPS maintains a constant connection across all distances, Bluetooth trackers cannot connect beyond 200ft (60m) of separation.

Having provided a background knowledge of what a Bluetooth tracking device is all about, we move to our main topic of discourse:

Why You Need a Bluetooth Tracker.

We are all faced with the challenge of safeguarding ourselves and our things, to assist us to do this, smart trackers have been developed. It becomes yet another problem to choose the best tracker for your items and ensure you enjoy optimum satisfaction from these devices. In the case of Bluetooth trackers, many people have come to understand its place in our everyday life; research suggests that an average person spends ten minutes searching for misplaced items daily, this equals two and a half days in a year, that’s a pretty huge amount of time for highly productive people. Therefore, a Bluetooth tracker is better for finding lost items in the shortest possible time for the following reasons:

  • Reduced Cost of Energy: Potential customers are always afraid of getting a Bluetooth tracker because they feel that it will drain their battery since it is connected to their mobile device. The truth is that most Bluetooth devices use a very minimal amount of power, especially the mytracknet’s hardware solution. However, it does not always come with replaceable batteries. The battery of a Bluetooth tracker lasts for about one year or less, depending on how often you put it to use.
  • Size: No one wants to carry heavy loads around in the name of a smart tracker, Bluetooth trackers solve the problem of size and/or bulkiness, it is as small as a coin. In thinness, it can be compared to a credit card. Put another way, a Bluetooth tracker does not add to the weight of your wallet, your key or whatever item to which it is attached. Users of Bluetooth trackers do not have to worry about having something extra to carry.
  • Quick and Easy Reminder: You can set up alarms in the accompanying app of a Bluetooth tracking device, this functions to remind you of items you are losing or of items you are carrying which you were not carrying before then. It helps you to keep to the routine you scheduled for each day. Additionally, Bluetooth trackers have sound alerts. With the ringing, you can easily pinpoint the exact location of your missing phone, watch, wallet or key.
  • Community Assistance: If you make use of a Bluetooth tracking device, you have the opportunity of sourcing for external assistance from other users of the same service. This is very needful in occasions where your Bluetooth tracking device gets disconnected.
  • Bluetooth Trackers are Cheap: The cost of acquiring a Bluetooth tracking device is relatively low. Interestingly, you will not need to subscribe monthly or pay any additional fees.

Finding lost items just got easier

The Future of Bluetooth Tracking Devices

The Bluetooth trackers production is saddled with a lot of competition, this is evident in the speed with which they constantly develop. Every manufacturer is striving to produce the best, so as to survive the competition. At Mytracknet, the future of Bluetooth tracking devices has already been defined; the ‘Mytracknet’ hardware solution provides a unique design with an integrated premium MTNT reward system. It operates on Bluetooth 5 with backward compatibility. This Bluetooth tracker also features LoRa network technology etc.

Now let’s take a look at what Mytracknet is all about.

What is Mytracknet

Mytracknet is a start-up, developing the first ‘Global Lost and Found Network’ based on the Power of Individuals, Bluetooth and Blockchain technology, in order to provide an innovative solution to the problem of missing pets and people. Click on the subscribe button available at the top and bottom corner of the page and get connected automatically to our services and receive updates on trends and how to go about the use of Mytracknet. Also, at the right topmost corner of the page is a tab to explore more features on mytracknet. You can also visit our social media pages to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram or you can also visit our FAQ to get more information on previously asked questions to help you improve usability. Subscribe to Mytracknet today, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Mytracknet connectivity

Lost it? Don’t worry. We will help you find it at Mytracknet. Feel the power of connectivity like never before with Mytracknet. Connect with lost items in seconds and find them in no time and at no cost. Life has never been this easy with the newly introduced Mytracknet. Experience the power of innovation at your fingertips that bring every connected hand on deck to function for the sole purpose of helping find missing items, people and stuff you never imagine get connected to again in your location.

Amazing right? No worries, we even have more for you. Mytracknet gives you a magical experience that makes you feel on top of your world. Imagine a community that connects you for your gain, imagine a community that connects you for profit, imagine a community that connects you just to help you do the things you can’t do, imagine a community that connects you to help you achieve the unattainable, imagine a community that helps you reach places you can’t get to and help you find your missing items, loved ones, and pets. Oh yeah!! I bet life has never been this easy. Trust me with Mytracknet nothing is impossible, log on to mytracknet and stay connected!

Networking made easy with Mytracknet

Connect with goodwill helpers in your location who are willing and ever ready to offer you the assistance that you desire without stress. Visualize how comforting and beautiful it is to know you can cultivate a productive relationship with a team of willing community supporters with the enthusiast on the go. Quit posting on social media platforms without the hope of getting to find what you really need to find, quit looking aimlessly without direction, quit sitting and folding your arms in a helpless manner that brings no solution to you. Think smart, think the solution, think Mytracknet today.

Mytracknet BlueTooth Tracking
Mytracknet app


Mytracknet uses the latest Bluetooth tracking technology to help you connect to your missing items. Valuables can now be located with the use of newly introduced Bluetooth technology, lightly sophisticated, compact with a durable battery, affordable and available at the best price all packed for you to give you the life-transforming experience that you deserve. By pairing to your phone application, you can easily track attached items, pets, or person whereabouts. It will alert you when the item is about to go out of sight or missing. Did you lose it? No worries, all our users will automatically be looking for it too. Never let that item out of your sight, log on to Mytracknet and stay connected.

Mytracknet introduces the next generation in Bluetooth trackers featuring Power of People, our own crowd tracking technology, along with the latest Bluetooth 5 protocol and integrated LoRa network technology features, the long range, low power wireless platform. Mytracknet’s hardware solution shares multiple synergies with the application providing consumers with an innovative, fully featured alternative, including among others:

  • Bluetooth 5 with backward compatibility Power of People crowd tracking technology
  • LoRa network technology features
  • Various celebrated features of current tracker solutions
  • Integrated premium MTNT rewards
  • Unique design

Get rewarded for rendering willing assistance (bounties/rewards)

Yeah, we know that Networking and connectivity are certainly not enough for you. Get rewarded for helping another member locate their missing items or loved ones. Join or even create a group of willing community members and be rewarded for doing good. The reward for doing good keeps people motivated and encourages them to do more for the community. Mytracknet works with a reward system where members of the community get to benefit from rendering assistance to the community.

Place bounties/rewards on your lost items and increase your chances of finding it with the assistance of a group of willing helpers. Reward packages for lost items motivate members to go the extra mile in search of a lost item which in turn improve your chances of locating missing valuables.

Subscribe to today and let us carry your burden, let us give you the comfort that you deserve by connecting with us today.

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