Build Shareholder Confidence

By leveraging our partners expertise we make it easy to satisfy disclosure and compliance requirements while engaging more deeply with your shareholders and providing powerful visibility to investors.

  • Direct disclosure to financial institutions’ portals and systems.
  • Meet exchange and regulatory requirements and mitigate Reg FD risks by delivering material news quickly and securely.
  • Standardized content guidelines ensure that our clients can count on us for accuracy, timeliness and integrity.

Reach New Audiences

Tell the world your news by using our targeting options, or work with us to find additional solutions to meet your needs.

  • Industries and Beats: Hone in on sectors, markets or specific topics
  • Multicultural: Reach specific ethnic audiences including Hispanic, African American and North American Chinese
  • Culture and Demographics: Tailor your message by age, gender, lifestyle or religion. Reach cultural categories like music, entertainment and sports

Engage with Multimedia

Increase brand visibility and bring your story to life by distributing a multimedia-rich brand message. Our research shows that content with multiple images can receive an increase of 2.4 times the views of a text-only release.

  • Multimedia Distribution: Engage your audience with visually compelling images; our network has a potential reach of more than 2,600 sites for images, and more than 2,100 for videos.

Expand in Social Channels

Boost the visibility and discoverability of your news in social media channels by leveraging our Partner’s curated SocialPost Twitter newsfeeds:

  • More than 55,500 followers across PR Newswire’s Twitter feeds
  • Nearly 50 industry-specific handles, including @PRNtravel, @PRNmedia, @PRNhealth, @PRNpolicy, @PRNtech

Increase Conversions

  • Effectively reach new audiences by communicating across multiple channels.
  • Increase downloads by up to 5X and improve conversions by 50% when you share your multichannel messages.
  • Tap the industry’s largest content distribution network, including thousands of global websites, industry-specific Twitter feeds.
  • Mobile partnerships and influencer lists to share your press release and improve click-throughs by 3X and search rank visibility by 50%.

Gain Insights with Reporting

Gain insights on current performance data and strategize on future campaigns with Visibility Reports, including audience data and engagement metrics, such as click-throughs, shares, tweets and downloads.

From building awareness and gaining media attention, to driving conversions and boosting online visibility, turn to CPR for solutions, tools and services to achieve your marketing and communication objectives.