Burger King Goes Crypto? Rumors Of Whoppercoin

Reports have been circulating the web regarding the newly Burger King-issued Waves token called Whopper Coin.  A Russian News Report (when translated to English Via Google Translate) states that through its designated representative, Burger King itself did issue the token. This same representative made some vague references that hinted at the possibility of having the Russian locations accept Bitcoin as payment. The hint about crypto came with promises to further reveal the details and purpose of these hyped Whopper Coins, soon.

The scarce facts: 

There was definitely a token created in The Waves Platform which was allegedly done by Burger King itself. 1billion tokens were created, and are supposed to be issued to every whopper purchaser who sends a scanned receipt to a certain address which hasn’t yet been revealed. The rumors cannot confirm any relation to blockchain technologies other than the fact that the tokens were created and will be issued using the Waves Platform. Waves utilizes the Waves Blockchain.

This is a Russian market experiment, at most, for now.

This is not cryptocurrency, yet. Russia is where many projects are cranking out new blockchain technology applications at regular intervals so it would not be shocking if the lunch time favorite joins the crypto craze.

With all the unexciting truths, it is evident that: 

1) Burger King has a very clever marketing angle.

2) Rumors get skewed quickly and globally

3) The burger may soon replace the pizza as the most important crypto-food!

Before You Rush To Get A Burger 

Before speeding off to the closest Burger King be warned, USA Burger King locations have not been included in any token promo, to date, and employees are likely to stare with eyes of dumbfoundedness if asked about the Whopper Coin.

Burger King has not yet joined the cryptocurrency area although a coin issuance could be a sign of the intention to do something along the lines of the Gimmicky ICO Trend.  Speculations are that the coins will be used to buy more food in a basic reward program.

A New Generation Of Consumers 

Interestingly,  the concept of issuing a token with purchased items will undoubtedly spark a new era of demographically targeted, easily tracked marketing tactics. Don’t be surprised if you begin to see big companies with little coins popping up all over the globe. As more and more companies turn to crypto and blockchain, it seems that we may soon say goodbye to the outdated coupon system, just another small perk in the list for blockchain technology.