C2Legacy | First Digital Will On Blockchain By Marie-Antoinette

Digital Will On A Blockchain

I recently had the pleasure to sit down and conduct an interview with Marie-Antoinette, aka “Crypto Oprah” & Queen of Crypto. One of the main reasons I spoke to her is that she is behind the development of C2Legacy. This is one of the most useful and practical blockchain-based solutions I have come across in the evolving Crypto Industry.

The concept behind C2Legacy is to provide a legitimate, blockchain-powered solution which will serve as the world’s first Digital Will Platform. Exactly what this platform will offer has been explained very clearly on C2Legacy’s website: 

“C2Legacy is the first Digital Will platform on a blockchain that will securely and accurately validate the death of the legacy holder using global, digital and decentralized Death Certificates or digital US-based Death Certificates.  C2Legacy will enable the first Blockchain-based Death when our first legacy holder passes on. In addition, C2Legacy’s immutable platform allows you to secure your crypto and digital assets by attaching heirs and after death smart contracts will privately transfer your digital legacy. C2Legacy brings you peace of mind knowing that your cryptocurrency will not die with you and you can take care of your loved ones after you’re gone.” 

Blockchain Is Here To Stay

Marie-Antoinette, like many crypto experts, believes that Blockchain is here to stay. The former healthcare professional explains how this revolutionary distributed public ledger will transform the way we live, interact, and transact. Therefore, the Crypto Queen thinks legitimate projects that make use of blockchain technology to offer practical, real-world solutions to everyday problems will help the crypto and blockchain ecosystem grow and evolve.

In order to make a meaningful contribution to the Blockchain industry, Marie-Antoinette has used her technical expertise and excellent social networking skills to put together a highly experienced and talented development team. This team, which includes IoT and AI expert CTO Barbara Jones, will mainly be using the Python programming language to create C2Legacy. Additionally, Marie-Antoinette is collaborating with Bitnation to design Smart Debt Contracts. These contracts, as Crypto Oprah explained to me, will be built off of Bitnation’s existing smart love and smart marriage contracts.

Strategic Partnerships & Business Plan

Notably, since C2Legacy will help pass on digital assets to their rightful heirs, Marie-Antoinette has also strategically partnered with Estate Pass. This partnership appears to be a wise move, because Estate Pass has an established record of successfully managing the transfer of assets after the owner’s death. 

In order to fund the C2Legacy project, Marie-Antoinette says she will not be launching an ICO. Instead, she plans to raise funds through accredited US investors. After that, she would like to accumulate additional funds by reaching out to investors in Europe. The Crypto Queen has chosen Europe out of all other places in the world, because their financial system and infrastructure is similar to the of the US. This is yet another sensible decision by Marie-Antoinette, because it will help ensure that investments are being handled in a lawful manner.

Crypto Regulation Is Necessary

Per the Crypto Queen, cryptocurrency regulations are important and necessary. Having worked extensively for the US government, Marie-Antoinette feels that there has to be some type of regulatory framework for digital currencies. This, according to her, will legitimize the crypto industry, and help it gain mainstream adoption.

The Crypto Queen even has her own YouTube channel called “Behind the Blockchain”, where she discusses upcoming and ongoing projects in the Cryptosphere.

While nobody can actually guarantee the success of projects like C2Legacy, including us here Crypto Core Media, we do think it is a great idea that aims to provide a potentially viable solution to a real-world problem. Moreover, the concept behind this blockchain-based project happens to reflect what we strive to do on a daily basis. That is: 

Scripting the Interface between Worlds where Blockchain Integrity and Human Wisdom lift together. Truth, fueled by encryption.  



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