Cameroonian Secessionist State Should Use Bitcoin As National Currency

Paul Fonlon, a Cameroonian Cryptocurrency Trader has called on the Ambazonia Secessionist Movement to use Bitcoin as the national currency when they finally secede from Cameroon. This comes at a time when tension is so high from the buildup after the fiasco Independence declaration a few weeks ago.

To him, that is the only means to guarantee freedom and prosperity that has eluded Southern Cameroonians as result of being treated as second-class citizens in their own country. “We should avoid the path of terrible monetary policies like inflation to ensure that our people enjoy economic liberty which has eluded us for more than half a century,” he stated.

From Paul’s perspective, monetary policy is one of the tools used by their oppressors in Yaounde to suppress and undermine and control them and that should not be repeated in an independent Ambazonia. He says:

“Monetary policy is a powerful system government around the world use to make people poorer and it’s no different story when it comes to our situation. If our leaders really care for our people and that’s why they’re leading a revolution to free us, then we need a solid monetary policy based on Blockchain and cryptocurrency after independence or our freedom will just be insignificant.”

Financial Inclusion

Paul, who is also an Ambazonia Secessionist activist, also explained that the ideal and cost-effective means of ensuring that many Cameroonians especially those from Southern Cameroon who don’t have bank accounts and access to financial service are brought into the financial mainstream is through Cryptocurrencies. It is his opinion that there is no need to build banks across the region which will only be expropriated by politicians and government agents.

“Financial Inclusion is now easier for everyone if we’ll adopt Blockchain Technologies instead of trying to achieve that through Central government,” Paul denoted. According to the World Bank, Only 65 people out of 1000 adults in Cameroon have a bank account.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are the best chance for many people in the third world to be included in the global economy. With its inherent trustless systems that ensures the elimination of useless third parties, many can now engage in cross-border payments and exchanges for reasonable fees.

Ambazonia Secessionist Movement 

The Amba Bay of Southern Cameroon which is also the English side has been agitating to secede from Cameroon since 1984 when the French side breached the unification agreement of 1961  by changing the country’s name from the Union Republic of Cameroon to the Republic of Cameroon. On October 1, the Ambazonia Movement declared independence which the Cameroonian government didn’t take lightly and responded with fury and gun power resulting in the death and jury of many Ambazonians.

As to whether Ambazonia will adopt Bitcoin and other cryptos remain to be seen as they are yet to be recognized by other nations as an independent entity. That will have been the first nation in Africa to have done that.