Cameroonian Youth Attend Crypto And Entrepreneurship Training

This weekend, forty Cameroonian students participated in a training session in order to learn how to use cryptocurrencies to start new businesses. Dubbed SmartCash Cryptocurrencies and Entrepreneurship Weekend, the event was packaged to educate the African youth on how to successfully accumulate capital with Cryptocurrencies in order to achieve financial freedom.

The three-day event was made possible by the kind sponsorship of the privacy-centric altcoin, SmartCash through their SmartHive Proposals. Held at the troubled English side of Cameroon that is agitating for independence from the French side, participants were taken through the Evolution of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, Monetary Policy History, Business Planning, Financing a start-up, Accumulating Capital With Crypto and SmartCash Technology. A number of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain documentaries were screened as well.

Youth Unemployment In Africa 

Unemployment among Africa’s younger population is a pressing issue in every African country. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that central governments and local authorities are incapable of providing jobs, making entrepreneurship the best and often the only option.

Estimates from the African Centre for Economic Transformation concerning unemployment look frightening. The Centre Sates:

“Unemployment is a general problem in Africa and there must be a partnership between governments and the private sector to address it. Almost half of the 10 million graduates churned out of the over 668 universities in Africa yearly do not get jobs.”

The rationale behind the weekend training was to enable the youth to accumulate capital through Cryptocurrencies in order to start new businesses and stimulate the economy. The reality is that there are a lot of young African youth with good business ideas but no avenues to finance them.

Talking with Michelline Ntui Ojong, the local organizer of the event, we got to know this kind of educational initiative by SmartCash is an excellent idea to help young Africans escape unemployment and poverty.

“Cryptocurrencies are ensuring freedom and financial inclusion for everyone and I don’t think anyone should be left behind including the African youth,” Michelline emphasized.

Facilitators List

The event had an impressive speakers and facilitators list with a global outlook that saw some of them teach at the location and others via Skype. Some of them include Noel Berg, USA, Alakanani Itireleng, Satoshi Centre, Botswana, Afrikanus Kofi Akosah Adusei, Core Group, Zimbabwe, Salam Mohamadu, Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship, Ghana, Paul Berkman, Charles Shepherd, CryptoWorld, the USA among others.

These speakers empowered the future Africa leaders to enable them to understand how cryptocurrency offers unprecedented opportunities for the youth. They also highlighted how they can invest less than a $100 today in a crypto with a solid technology that can make them financially independent in the near future!