Corsair goes agasint cryptocurrency mining in video gag

Corsair Against Crypto Mining Riggs in April Fool’s Day Joke

PC component manufacturer Corsair recently released an April Fool’s Day joke. The company published a video campaigning against cryptocurrency mining rigs that, per the joke, end up ‘abusing’ the graphics cards to make a profit.

In the gag video, titled “Stop GPU Abuse! #GPURESCUE,” Corsair makes it look like GPUs are living creatures that cryptocurrency miners torture and neglect, instead of allowing them to be used for their true intended purpose, gaming.

The 70-second video somewhat resembles ads created by charity organizations that campaign for human rights. It starts off by claiming 3 million GPUs are sold to cryptocurrency miners every year, and adds these GPUs are then abused in cryptocurrency mines.

The clip proceeds to state that using viewers’ donations, Corsair will be able to buy back the “abused” graphics cards from cryptocurrency miners, and send them over to gamers. This way, donors will “provide high frame rates, low temperatures, and most importantly a home.”

As a thank you, Corsair’s video notes, donors will be sent a picture of the graphics card they save with their donation. The video, needless to say, is a gag. However, the high demand cryptocurrency miners created, that now sees GPUs sell for premiums everywhere, is real.

Donate now… in cryptocurrency?

At the end of the video, Corsair asks for people to donate using traditional methods, including major credit cards and PayPal. Shortly after, a Bitcoin logo is added to the screen, implying Corsair would take bitcoin donations to save GPUs from cryptocurrency mining rigs.

Corsair isn’t actually soliciting donations, but merely mocking the cryptocurrency mining craze that settled in late last year. The craze saw Russian nuclear scientists get arrested for mining with computers belonging to a top-secret center, and thieves in Iceland steal a whopping 600 mining machines.

Not only that, but using the heat from his machines, a miner managed to grow tomatoes, to further take advantage of the energy consumed in the computing power-heavy process. Cryptocurrency mining is so popular that a Silicon Valley congressman has even argued that the energy consumed mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin needs to be taxed.