Cardano Software Upgrade – 1.2.1 hotfix release

Cardano has come up with a development update, and in that, they have mentioned the progress in various projects that they are working on. Below are some of the highlights on the update.

Daedalus 01.10.1 Version

IOHK team is the team that is behind the development of Cardano. They mentioned that they are working on Daedalus 01.10.1 version with the recent 1.2.1 hotfix release. In that update, they have increased the wallet limit from 10 to 20. So one user only adds 20 wallets maximum.

There are also many UI (user interface) changes that are being developed in this hotfix. Some of the key changes are that the “About Window” is getting replaced with an overlay dialog box. Also “ADA redemption” screen is improvised with many user-friendly features.

Ledger Integration

The most important update is the development done on Ledger integration. The development done is the “Create new wallet” that helps in creating new wallet addresses on Ledger, and one can spend ADA from the ledger wallet itself.

IO Traffic Issues Resolved

There was an issue of high IO traffic in the wallet. This was caused because of flushing large logs that had huge log lines, and this caused the spike in IO traffic. The development has addressed it, and the IO issue is now resolved.

Inter-node Communication Protocol

IOHK team is also working on an inter-node communication protocol that can send data and control messages. The protocol uses the bi-directional channel and will help in sending data and control messages instantly.


IOHK team is always working towards better usability and bringing a lot of end-user functionalities. Two programming languages are used in Cardan0, namely Plutus and Marlowe. Marlowe is in the advanced stage of Smart Contract integration whereas the team is working on developing the Smart Contract modeling for Plutus.

Testnet Launch

The content design for IELE testnet has already begun, and we would be able to see the launch of testnet in any time soon. The testnet launch is very crucial since it will help other developers and experts in testing this platform and analyzing if Cardano is a much better alternative to other Smart Contract platforms like Ethereum. Successful Testnet will help in the faster Mainnet launch.

Cardano(ADA) Marketcap

Cardano is at 8th position with a marketcap of $4.3 Billion with a price of $0.165 per token. ADA token is gradually gaining momentum with a good hike in the past 24 hours. Successful Testnet and Mainnet launch will further accelerate its price and will go up the ranking in the overall marketcap.