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Carolyn Reckhow | Using Blockchain Technology To Improve Institutions

Carolyn Reckhow and ConsenSys

The advent of Blockchain technology did not just bring about the move towards a more decentralized financial system. The impact of the technology is being felt in various sectors of economies and different aspects of society. Consensus Systems works on building applications for various decentralized systems using Ethereum. Sharing the same goals as Consensus Systems is their director of operations. She is Carolyn Reckhow. In this article, we’ll learn about her role at Consensus Systems, her work on other blockchain related projects and her sociology background.

Consensus Systems, shortened as ConsenSys, consists of tech specialists and entrepreneurs and aims at creating the tools necessary for decentralized networks. These tools include the “infrastructure, applications and practices” to be used in the decentralized systems.

Carolyn is a great fit for ConsenSys simply because they share the same goals. Carolyn is exploring her interest in blockchain technology and social innovation. She focuses on decentralization and the technologies that help bring about a shift from the dependence on centralized institutions requiring trust to a society where social, economic and political systems are global, interconnected and decentralized.

Co-Founder of Fabriq

In March 2015, Carolyn won a hackathon. She did this with the prototype of Fabric, an Ethereum based digital reputation system. Fabriq was open source as well.

This is the idea behind Fabriq. Participants would have their profiles as well as the attributes relating to their reputation on the blockchain. The attributes are updated with time by way of smart contracts. Participants, reputation or social capital is measured in a token on the blockchain. In addition, Fabriq had a governance system.

Carolyn gained some valuable experience from being a part of this project even though she spent just a few months on the team.

Coming From a Sociology Background

Carolyn Reckhow studied sociology at the Clark University and did her masters in social work at Boston University. This explains her quest to use blockchain technologies to bring about improvement in the way institutions in society are organized. She is an example of how anyone from any educational background can participate in the blockchain revolution.

There is a common theme that runs through all the past and present projects and jobs Carolyn has been involved with. They have the goal of making society better in one way or the other.

In spite of her many involvements, Carolyn has been doing voluntary work for MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge. She contributes as a member of the Enterprise Forum’s Clean Tech Committee. The organization works to demystify the technological advancements coming of Cambridge and Boston and ensure that they impact society positively.

Carolyn was head of staff at a high school students’ summer programme known as Lean Gap. She has also been an outreach counselor at Riverside Community Care and Project coordinator at a Centre of Addictions Research and Services at Boston University.

Decentralized Systems for a Better

Just like we don’t need an ICO or a token for every single thing in this world, we don’t need to decentralize every system. However, work has to be done to bring about more decentralized systems where it is needed. We know this won’t just happen naturally just because we say “it is the future”. The tools needed to facilitate this movement have to be built and developed.

That is what Carolyn Reckhow’s work is about. She successfully combined her expertise in sociology with blockchain technology to come out with improvements in the organizations in society. This has made her a leader in the blockchain industry already. Meltem Demirors agrees.

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