NXTinfo.org Website Launched

After a long anticipated wait, NXTinfo.org is finally ready for the public. The website is run by Dee22 and KarlKarlsson, two prominent and active members within the NXT community. The aim of this website is to provide new services for traders and investors “including an average price calculator, a performance calculator and an asset evaluator. The latter two services are linked to our ‘historic Nxt dividend database’ which should certainly help to guarantee added value for users of our ecosystem.Read More →


Does everyone remember that day when Mt.Gox was allegedly hacked and lost approximately 400 million US dollars. This event in itself caused shockwaves around the world. People began to lose faith in cryptocurrency, how on earth could a website holding millions of dollars worth of bitcoins be compromised to a small group of hackers? I remember talking with my friends about the issue, with their limited knowledge on the bitcoin ecosystem they came to the conclusion bitcoin was hacked. Those who understand bitcoin know it was the centralised exchange which was compromised, not bitcoin itself.Read More →