The Tennessee Project Raises 10 Million NXT

October will be marked as a turning point for NXT as finally we will see an extensive PR campaign promoting the NXT platform. Those who have used NXT will know that NXT is a top tier cryptocurrency technology wise. However, even the best of technologies need professional PR and that is exactly what the Tennessee Project is.Read More →


Does everyone remember that day when Mt.Gox¬†was allegedly hacked and lost approximately 400 million US dollars. This event in itself caused shockwaves around the world. People began to lose faith in cryptocurrency, how on earth could a website holding millions of dollars worth of bitcoins be compromised to a small group of hackers? I remember talking with my friends about the issue, with their limited knowledge on the bitcoin ecosystem they came to the conclusion bitcoin was hacked. Those who understand bitcoin know it was the centralised exchange which was compromised, not bitcoin itself.Read More →