AltSheets releases AssetGraphs V2

AssetGraphs is an App, created for those who like to analyze their own data. It represents NXT API results as complex networks of accounts & shareholders, in an easy visual format with GUI. The graphs show clearly what account owns which assets, and which accounts & assets are similar to another. Available are the buyer’s perspective and the asset issuer’s perspective.Read More →

CORE Releases New 'CORE Media' Asset

CORE Media intends to provide legitimacy to assets built on the most ​innovative​ blockchain-based platforms like NXT via its numerous media channels. With a variety of skilled writers and dedicated professionals presenting the most up-to-date cryptocurrency news, CORE Media will introduce the world to the ‘Internet of Money’. Operating in conjunction with CORE Media are ‘CORE’ the Asset, CORE Magazine and CORE Radio.Read More → Website Launched

After a long anticipated wait, is finally ready for the public. The website is run by Dee22 and KarlKarlsson, two prominent and active members within the NXT community. The aim of this website is to provide new services for traders and investors “including an average price calculator, a performance calculator and an asset evaluator. The latter two services are linked to our ‘historic Nxt dividend database’ which should certainly help to guarantee added value for users of our ecosystem.Read More →

two worlds

We are born, spend most of our lives in public education or watching television. We hit 18 years of age, go to college for even more public education or we start working. We spend most our adults live in a mechanistic world, trading labor for food, shelter, and health care. Other than a few weeks of vacation every year, this is the vast majority of our lives. Read More →

The Tennessee Project Raises 10 Million NXT

October will be marked as a turning point for NXT as finally we will see an extensive PR campaign promoting the NXT platform. Those who have used NXT will know that NXT is a top tier cryptocurrency technology wise. However, even the best of technologies need professional PR and that is exactly what the Tennessee Project is.Read More →