Catherine Coley

Catherine Coley | Stimulating Ripples in Blockchain and Global Banking

Catherine Coley – Global Banking on the Blockchain

Catherine Coley is one smart foreign exchange expert who has been able to marry her skills in global banking with blockchain based solutions in foreign exchange. Starting off at the Hong Kong office of Morgan Stanley as a Foreign Exchange Analyst in 2011, and then later, the London office of Morgan Stanley, Catherine has spent years on international foreign exchange trading floors.

A graduate of University of North Carolina of Chapel Hill, she also holds a B.Sc​ in International studies​ from Kenan-Flagler Business School. After an eventful time in the active trading floors on two continents, and in the interim before Ripple, Catherine took up a role as the Foreign Exchange Advisor at Silicon Valley Bank.

All the above experience and skills culminated in her landing a top role in the blockchain and crypto space as Head of Investor Relations at Ripple. She is quite active on social media where she shares her thoughts in the space, including news updates on Ripple.

Banks on the Blockchain: Ripple’s Rippling Success

A definition of blockchain and crypto usually has a negative reference to banks, one of the third party institutions everyone wants to do away with. Interestingly, there’s a blockchain company making gigantic moves in the space with laser focus on banks. Ripple, also a distributed ledger technology (DLT) like the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, is well known as the underlying technology of its native token, XRP, most times also referred to as Ripple. Founded in 2012 as OpenCoin, before rebranding as Ripple Labs in 2015, the Ripple blockchain is a payments protocol and exchange network.​

Currently holding its position as the third biggest cryptocurrency, based on market cap, Ripple’s MVP is essentially payment services through products like: Money Tap, xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. Its rippling success is perhaps related to the large bank partnerships it is involved in. Just about a month ago, Ripple made a big announcement of its partnership with 61 major banks in Japan.

On the coin market front, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency is doing well. The San Francisco born company sold nearly $100 million worth of XRP tokens in the last quarter of 2017. Currently, the payment services company has its crypto trading at almost a dollar to one XRP.

Coley and Ripple

Heading the investor relations department, Catherine Coley designs communication strategies that aim at pulling in more investors into Ripple.

Her commitment to her role at Ripple shows even in her online interactions. She has a pinned tweet on her twitter profile where she urges the crypto community to stop erroneously interchanging “XRP” for “Ripple” as though they were synonymous.

She was also nominated in the “Blockchain Influencer Of The Year” category for the 2018 Golden Tokens Awards.

Catherine Coley is proof that women participation in key roles in the blockchain space is instrumental to mainstreaming adoption.