ChainZILLA Podcast July 2019 with PTYX

Chainzilla and Blockchain as a Service

Lootz – Welcome, been a long time, what you been up to?

PTYX – We been focusing hard on chameleone and designing a trade engine for an OTC Exchange

Lootz – Before we start everyone welcome to crypto core radio, my name is lootz you host, we have today Chainzilla who were last on the show about 1 year ago and we will see how far along they have come. They are the creators of blockchains. Not many people out their know how to create a blockchain. Its not easy to find the algo you like for whatever purpose you need it for and that is why chainzilla exists. They are here to help you create that chain for whatever purpose you are using it for. They have an awesome wallet from what I have see from the last time we have spoken, Correct PTY ?

PTYX – yes well the idea of chainzilla starting to onboard project on to komodo and other platforms, so basically at first the idea was to develop blockchain and basically tokenization services. Within 3 months we failed to raise funds a decides to go into sales mode with the software we already have and we learned really fast the their is a market for tokenization but it was not as wide as we thought, that is when we started pivoting more into chameleon the application. So basically we started the basic app that catered to the komodo assets then we started adding more and more blockchain compatibility to it, so what it is now is a white label wallet. So it is a flexible engine with a very nice interface on top of it. But we can take that engine and build other application with it.

Lootz – very cool yes tokens kinda died, they were big huge and everyone wanted to make their own token and then….. it flatlined.

PTYX- I think it has not flatlined, we still are making contracts with people, but it is not as wide as a market as we thought. For us we have to think about the company and the software and we cannot depend on 1 thing. We have not published the new whitepaper cause we been so busy developing new features for chameleon. We are in a contract to create a hybrid version of chameleon and that hybrid version will require a trading engine that we are working on now and hopefully we will have it ready by october. I plan on launching that beta app by the end of the year. We are also working with another project that tokenized recently and they tokenized not on komodo but on stellar but we are building their MVP and I think that will be ready within the next 2 months cause they are about to IEO. So we have gotten contract for tokenization but we are starting to I guess widen our net.

LooTz – That is a smart thing to do, I do the same thing I do not just stick to komodo coins, you will see me interviewing everybody from scam coins to big projects and people like John Mcafee. If you guys have not seen chameleon it is very cool.

PTYX – The new version is coming out this week with a lot of improvement and a lot of people do not catch some of the things I dislike about the app. THeir are visual glitches that are their, for example when you send a transaction you have to back out of the wallet to be able to be able to go into the receive tab so we have changed it around where you can use the minimum amount of touches with only 4 touches depending on what you are doing. On most wallet you can see the market price of the coin and total value of the portfolio. We had to think of a way to integrate that without saturating the wallet. we just came up with basically on the new version if you have the portfolio open you can touch the pie chart and it will rotate from market price to portfolio price. So we were able to add it without adding ummm.

LooTz – So is it like blockfolio 2 ?

PTYX – Not yet we have reached out to delta who will provide us with an api so we can have a market tab so you can have a blockfolio experience within the app. What we are doing now it fetching live market prices but before in chameleon in the previous versions you were not able to see the actual market price. You would see the balance and the amount in what you selected and see your whole portfolio value. Now you just click the portfolio pie chart and it will rotate between the market price and the you wallet balance.

LooTz – Chameleon and endless possibilities if you use your imagination. You can create this Master wallet with atomic swapping within the wallet. The blockfolio idea. Then you can add the news like blockfolio has also in a separate area. This project can be never ending, you can work on this your whole life.

PTYX – Those are really low hanging fruits, like putting a newsletter and things that other apps have already done but what we doin is.. we already have partners that are working with AI and bots that are already integrated into government for example to help people get stuff done for customer service so you can automate a bot and what we want to do is at least create pilot tests where we can create versions of chameleon that have some type of integrations with the bots for example some can grab the wallet who don’t really know much about crypto and they can just press a button and say “Please send bitcoin to so-and-so” and the bot will translate that into actual commands and would be able to make a transaction or we can take that same technology and create an identifier for you wallet. So you can tell your bot “I want this address to correlate to John” and you can then just tell the bot send the transaction to john instead of having to paste the bitcoin address. We want to make it simple. The wallet rite now is a basic crypto wallet but we are trying to find more ways to make it easier to use and also to spend. Their are things we are working on that I cannot talk about yet but I will be able to towards the end of the year to make the crypto more spendable.Rite now everyone is just holding the coins but in reality what we wanna do is make it usable and allow people to make transactions, pay there bills, remittances, without really having to know much about crypto.

Lootz – Isn’t there something called Pungo ? its like another wallet service, they had like amazon and its going to be easy to pay things. I briefly seen that site today

PTYX – That’s still low hanging fruit because once we make the release the wallet this week we will start working on the github implementation and it is a native one so you don’t have to go into a browser. You will be able to buy over 250 types of gift cards within chameleon very easily too not complex. Those are very low hanging fruit. What imagine in the future some can just say I want to pay a transaction and that would generate a bill on the back end.

LooTz – I love the fact that you are thinking of making things easy, that’s the main problem in crypto nothing is easy. people have to figure out a lot before getting involved. we want a 1 button solution.

PTYX – We don’t have much outside funding. The initial investment we made into chainzilla was already recovered within the last year or so we are in profit and the company is running in essence by itself. BUT if we were to have an influx of investors I would definitely focus on expanding the wallet technology we need so you can be able to recover seed better and be able to have wallet creations done in a way that is more secure so it does not require someone to save a 12 word seed or possibly make crypto and bitcoin address more readable. Things like that that give it more use in the main stream. Its a slow process.

LooTz – I just installed a bunch of wallets for a buddy because he had them all on the exchange. Biggest problem is they don’t understand they have no idea about how wallet work. I installed the Atomic wallet for him because it would be impossible to install 50 wallets in 1 night. try waiting for 50 blockchains to load rite.. So what I was thinking with the back have a USB stick where you stick the drive in the computer and the wallet automatically ask if you would like to back it up to the plugged in drive

PTYX – I have already spoken to email providers who can generate a private key in a decentralized manner, the client generate the private key and the email server hosts the public key with the correlating email address. So we will be able to send bitcoin to an email address as apposed to their bitcoin address. you do have to think of security. so the way the backup works is the user creates an email address and they encrypt the backup to the cloud with their own password and that backup can restore they public and private keys. but if the password is weak we have to think about that. We are in the brainstorming phase where we are talking to other projects where working on different kinds of private keys or storing them.

LooTz – You still working with the same crypto team, John and the rest of them ?

PTYX – No NO – that was mostly the graphic team. We have 9 Devs on the chameleon side and 4 other devs on the exchange. The team is not the same as the one we started with.

LooTz – Nice job – most projects you are lucky if they have 2 developers. You are doing great, I would invest in a project that has 9 developers.

PTYX – I am happy we been able to make the sales to keep development going. Now with Notary Node season coming even though its only 1500 dollars a month that at least pays for some overhead.

LooTz – Even crypto core media has been their bro. Their are no rules that say you have to do it everyday. Try not to make your projects such a burden on you. I have known PTYX for like 4 years now and watch you turn from a kid into man. He was the young buck helping people and now he is a CEO of a company. Really proud of you

PTYX – I don’t even feel we have gotten started yet, if I can do anything differently is not use the fund to do an ICO and put it into development so we can sell the wallet faster

LooTz – We all learn from our past mistakes even here in crypto core media, we had an issue where writer would go to a coin charge them a higher price for and article on our site and get paid a salary from us. This is how we improve and do it better the second time around.
Lets talk about the coin real quick.

PTYX – the max supply is 2.5 million and in 2 months the token will be stackable in many wallets. Any one who hold Zilla will hold 7% a year. We want to give it more utility, so once we open the otc exchange if you hold ZILLA you will get discounts and in 2 week the new site will go live and will have more information on the actual token

LooTz – Tell me more about the OTC, is that like Barterlly ?

PTYX – I contacted barterly but they are still launching so it will be some time before we can you their project. We partnered with Pungo who have many services like escrow service and we partnered with them and what we created was an engine that will allow us to basically receive bitcoin and in the backend do a swap for a stable currency and execute the payment for many things. We already have partnership with stability and exchanges, the idea is to pilot this because their is no easy way to buy btc online. The idea is to use stable currency as payment and consolidate it into fiat.

LooTz – Are you doing this KYC or the JL777 method ?

PTYX – No full KYC we have to we actually have to implement blockchain analysis as well when we pilot since we are dealing with very touchy banks we will be piloting with very low limits so that. Only few local trader will get to test it so we know its usable and secure. the goal is to become the consolidation layer between btc and dollar.

LooTz – Very nice, So at this point in time do you have a roadmap and new whitepaper.

PTYX – we switched to phases and solutions pages will be all on the new site. we been so focused on chamilion we are now focusing more on the site to sell it.