Chase Bank CEO Declares Bitcoin A Fraud In A Suspiciously Arrogant Interview

In a recorded interview with CNBC News JP Morgan Chase Bank CEO, Jamie Dimon maintained a condescending tone on the topic of Bitcoin. He conveyed the message that Bitcoin is a craze that will be gone soon.

Dimon seemed trained, and highly skilled I might add, at the art of shrugging away a threat in such a way that is convincing to the observing eye. His lackadaisical banter on the topic appeared genuine, but there is most certainly a sinister undertone at work here. Conspiracy theories aside, Bitcoin is a direct threat to the very foundation of the CEO’s home field, and naturally when a rival emerges in the midst of the champions garden, the champion (in this case, Chase) must defend!

Dimon uttered insults about the phenomenon of Bitcoin so casually, it must have been embarrassing for whoever who has to report to the guy. Dimon joked that he would terminate the employment of anyone under JPMorgan for trading Bitcoin because he declared them “stupid” and accused them of “breaking the rules”.

He made fun of his daughter for being proud of profiting from a Bitcoin investment and compared Bitcoin to tulip mania, stating “Bitcoin isn’t a real thing.” And that it would eventually vanish.

Even the Rothschilds have moved hedge funds into Bitcoin. In fact, Chase Bank was on board as a member of the R3 Consortium, a group of high ranking banks, commerce leaders and technology innovators who introduced “Corda” one of the earliest blockchain platform concepts. Chase bank was a part of that until they decided sharply to exclude themselves from the consortium and into their own blockchain studies and trials.

As Shakespeare wrote “The lady (or in this case, The Banker) doth protest too strongly, me thinks.”.