Cindicator | Leveraging Hybrid Intelligence for effective asset management

Technological progress can be somewhat scary. Blockchain technology, for example, is a disruptive piece of technology that can eliminate all kinds of middlemen in the financial sector, a prospect that can be worrisome for those that play the middleman role themselves. The same can be said for artificial intelligence. The prospect of having computers do all the thinking for us, can make us feel somewhat worthless.

However, as each technological revolution comes, the same cycle is repeated. Mankind is able to dedicate itself to more intricate and rewarding tasks, bringing forth innovation and prosperity. In fact, artificial intelligence is already used for a lot of things, many of which we are not even aware of.

An interesting approach to artificial intelligence is what is called “Hybrid Intelligence”, a mutualistic symbiosis between human intelligence and machine intelligence, where both kinds compliment each other in accordance with the task at hand. Although it sounds a bit like “sci-fi tech”, this concept is already being leveraged in the blockchain field.

Cindicator is a blockchain project that uses the Hybrid Intelligence for effective asset management, taking the input of a diverse group of analysts and enhancing it with A.I. The project white paper reads:

“By combining a large number of diverse financial analysts and a set of machine learning models into a single system, we are developing a Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure for the efficient management of investors’ capital in traditional nancial and crypto-markets.”

Cindicator uses the forecasts generated by thousands of analysts on the platform everyday to answer specific questions about “financial assets, macroeconomic indexes, and events significantly influencing the market”. The information generated by these forecasts is then put through machine learning models that calculate various weights for each forecaster.

This Hybrid Intelligence system allows the collective opinion of a diverse group, os “Wisdom of the Crowd”, to be perfected according to the specifics of each forecaster.The machine learning models take into account systematic errors of each user and their respective corrections, eliminates noise and generates final predictions and trading signals based on the enhanced data.

In order to interact with the platform, users must hold a certain number of Cindicator tokens or CND. The level of access to services like  indicators, ratings, and internal analytical products is defined by the amount of tokens each user holds. These tokens can be acquired in the upcoming ICO or on exchanges, once integrated. The CND token is also used to reward forecasters for their participation within the platform.

If you are interested in learning more or joining the Cindicator ecosystem, visit the official website.